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I have had a life-long love of music, but from the first time I heard Kiss and Black Sabbath with my landlord's son in Nicholasville, KY in the mid 70's, I have been hooked on Hard Rock and Metal. While my tastes in music have done nothing but expand since then, Metal remains closest to my heart. In addition, I have played bass, still play guitar and have literally 1000's of CDs/MP3s, so my knowledge is long steeped and honest. I don't buy the whole splintered, sub-genres thing and choose to like bands and music based solely on individual merits. Obviously, this is always colored by my mood, what I need at any given point and time and what is generally pleasing to my ear. I also don't like to rip any music or band, instead having an open mind and ear for it all because I have a passion for it all. It is completely subjective and in a constant state of flux. Consider me a music "nerd" not a music "snob". As an extension of this love, I hope to share this passion with everyone here and learn from your passion as well! - Odyssey -

State Of The Art: New York – Born Of Scars

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is New York!

This week we head over to East Meadow and Queens, New York, out in the bay on Long Island. Here we find a Modern Hard Rock outfit that has been around since around 2007 with current members being Pietro Sirianni on guitars, keyboards and vocals, Nicky G. on bass and vocals, Steve Papa covering drums and Victoria Parkin on lead vox who call themselves Born of Scars.

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Review Of NonHuman Era’s Self-Titled Debut!

 ***** Review by guest contributor Roni Palmer *****

NonHuman Era is:

Pierre StJean – Vocals
Carlo Zappavigna – Guitars
Rick Dessi – Drums
JeanFrancois Vincenti – Bass
Marek Krowicki – Keys

Out of Montreal, NonHuman Era consists of founding members and cousins Rick Dessi [drums] and Carlo Zappavigna [guitar], along with Pierre St. Jean [vocals, guitar–Heaven’s Cry, Alcoholica (a Metallica tribute band)], JeanFrancois Vincenti [bass—Alcoholica] and Marek Krowicki [keyboards]. I gave this album a listen on the recommendation of a friend and my only regret is that I didn’t hear of it when it first came out in November of 2015. I’m completely blown away that they haven’t been picked up by a major label. A Progressive Metal band that’s a synergy of sound and energy reminiscent of Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Symphony X with a polish that you seldom hear on a first album.

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Interview With Seventh Calling Vocalist/Guitarist: Steve Handel

Seventh Calling is:

Steve Handel – Lead Vocals/Lead/Rhythm Guitars
MikeBassWalkerWalters – Bass Guitars/Backing Vocals

Chad Pliska – Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals

Hailing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Seventh Calling is a Hard Rock/Metal outfit that has been dishing out their signature brand of music since their debut album, Monuments in 2007 on Melissa Records. Tinged with the old-school influences of Thrash and Traditional Metal, they are equally noted as having one of the best stage shows around which has continued their success with Prelude of Madness (2009 – Heaven and Hell Records), Epidemic (2010 – Heaven and Hell Records) and last years killer independent release of Battle Call. Thanks to Online Metal Promo, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to interview vocalist and guitarist Steve Handel! Please sit back and enjoy what this long standing Metaller has to say!

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Review of Born In June’s Debut, “Ill Gotten Gains”

Born In June is:

Bryan Rock – Drums
Cayse Ramirez – Guitar
Gene Ramirez – Guitar
Harvey Hampton – Vocals
Nick Terrell – Bass Guitar

Born In June grabbed my attention during the Death Angel show that I covered a couple of months back (Show Review) at the 1904 Music Hall here in Jacksonville. This was the third live show that the band had played since their commencement as an official band. As stated in the show review, I was blown away by their poised stage presence and crisp playing abilities. Very impressive for a group that had only been playing together for a little over six months. Since then, the band has played many shows in and around Jacksonville with a variety of other talented locals and released their debut EP entitled Ill Gotten Gains that was independently released on January 25, 2017. As promised, here are my impressions of this up and coming band’s first release…

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Review Of Martyrs Asylum Incredible Debut: “Grudge Against The World”

Martyrs Asylum is:

Sid Stratton – Lead Vocals/Bass
Crow X – Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals
Bones – Rhythm Guitar
Judge – Drums


Martyrs Asylum is a Hard Rock/Metal outfit out of Orlando, FL that has been around since 2014. I have been listening to this talented group for a couple of years now after having them referred to me by Bobby Keller (guitarist for much loved Meka Nism) when looking for more local music to support. I was finally able to see their live show a couple of months ago at The Haven in Orlando with a wide variety of other Central Florida Metal bands and found myself absolutely enthralled by their incredible music and in-your-damned-face charisma and energy. This band reminds me of Stadium Rock bands from the 70s and 80s; larger than life on stage while remaining completely personable and engaging with whoever surrounds them off stage. Martyrs Asylum is definitely a live band first.

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State of the Art: New York – The Last Alliance

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is New York!

New York, take two. This week we head off in a completely different direction. Progressive Instrumental last week, Traditional Power Metal this week. So good, in fact, that one would expect to hear this quality of music over the pond in Europe and not from Queens, New York. Hell, there are even songs sung entirely in Italian! This week’s State of the Art: New York goes to The Last Alliance.

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Meade Ave Releases Their First Single “Taking Back Tomorrow” Off of Their Forthcoming Album “Stitching the Torn”!

Long time readers know our affinity for Sin City’s, Meade Ave.  We have been behind the Militia for quite a while now after showcasing the band and reviewing their killer live show over the course of the last year or so.  Their sound is a modern take on old-school Hard Rock often bordering on Traditional Heavy Metal that deserves a very high spot on any playlist.  Having a broad spectrum of accessible and honest music puts them in a sweet spot that attracts fans across many genres.  On top of their undeniable musical talents, the band is extremely hard working and driven to support their fan base as much as we support their band.  They have to be one of the coolest groups of people you could ever meet, happy to engage everyone that graces their presence.  Zero attitude zone around the entire band.  This carries over to contemporary bands as well.  Drummer/Producer/Editor and all-around great guy, Aaron Paoletta runs The Cave Recording Studio and has developed a mobile platform, allowing them to record anywhere they land on their extensive tour schedule which can then be mixed and mastered at home base in Las Vegas, NV.  He offers this advanced service to others at a very reasonable cost in an effort to promote his entire scene, not just Meade Ave.  I don’t one thin dime from this statement and don’t intend this as an advertisement.  This is truly how this man roles.  Big kudos for his ongoing support of the entire music scene!  Think about it.  If it were not for fans and bands willing to put skin in the entire game, the music dies.  Aaron gives us all a high bar to live up to wherever we live!

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Review of Krystos’ Brutally Heavy “Lolth Domain”

Krystos is:

Billy Thornock – Lead vocals/lead guitaris

Dan Johnston – Backing Vocals/lead guitar

Adam Brimhall – Drums

Nick Lugo – Backing vocals/bass


So we return to Boise, ID from last month’s State of the Art series. After highlighting the killer band, Krystos (SOTA), I was allowed a pre-release listen to their upcoming release of “Lolth Domain”, due out February 15, 2017 and was not to be disappointed. With underpinnings in old-school Thrash, European Power Metal and a raw, visceral tone not often found in Modern Metal, there is nothing this band does that is not done to absolute perfection and this album is further proof that Krystos has finally distilled their desired sound on this album and has what it takes to stand out among contemporary bands, no matter where they may hail from around the world.

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State of the Art: New York – The Mantle

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is New York!

Moving on from Idaho, we travel to the Northern, East Coast state of New York. Named after the 17th Century Duke of York and having the capital of Albany, it is bordered by New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, it is the fifth most densely populated state with a population estimated to be about 8.55 million and boasting the most populated city in the United States. New York city also serves as the premier gateway for legal immigration and is considered a hub for international trade and diplomacy. Would you like to learn more about the legal immigration process? There are a few ways to immigrate to the US legally, but one of the most common involves spousal sponsorship. For more information about sponsoring a spouse, check out this useful guide to form i-130a from Nova Credit. While 40% of the population resides within the city, Upstate New York is dominated by the Appalachian Mountains which include Allegheny Plateau, the Catskills, the Adirondack Mountains, Thousand Island archipelago and Saint Lawrence Seaway. Waterways include the Hudson River, Mohawk River valleys, the Erie Canal, the Finger Lakes and, of course, world famous Niagara Falls. In addition New York houses internationally known landmarks such as Times Square, Central Part, Grand Central Terminal, Columbia, Cornell, New York and Rockefeller Universities and the Statue of Liberty. Not forgetting the amount of different real estate options they have in the city, such as these luxury apartments upper west side so residents can find themselves living the dream in The Empire State. New York would be such an amazing place to live, so more people should really consider moving there. Those with a healthier budget might even want to rent a private jet from Jettly when they move. That way, they could bring their pets over too. Once people arrive in New York, they will be greeted by so many amazing things, such as toursit attractions and opportunities. New York is also a haven for legendary Metal bands like Anthrax, Type O Negative, Helmet, Carnivore, Prong, KISS, Agnostic Front, White Zombie, Biohazard, Nuclear Assault, Manowar, Stormtroopers of Death, Living Colour, Black Anvil, Beastie Boys, Candria, Winger, Foreigner, Liquid Tension Experiment and many, many others. This opening week, I would like to add The Mantle to this list of greats.

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