Review of Meade Ave.’s Band Defining LP: “Stitching the Torn”

Meade Ave. is:

AaronFURBY 2chainzPaoletta: Founder/Drummer
MatthewBISCUTPaoletta: Bass Guitar
GeorgeGHOLERodenas: Lead Vocals
GregSPEEDYScopinich (UOM): Lead Guitar

So, what happens when one of our favorite, established bands, voted the #1 Unsigned Band in Las Vegas, switches up vocalists, heads into the desert at the guest house at The Goddess Temple in Indian Springs, NV in December 2016 to record an album utilizing The Cave Recording Studio mobile rig and then uproots themselves to migrate back East to Pennsylvania? This kind of chaos has wrecked havoc on many a band over the years; shredding lesser groups and scattering members into other projects or simply giving up on an already “hard row to hoe” line in the music business. If anything, this has strengthened my boys in Meade Ave. and is brilliantly reflected in their upcoming release of Stitching the Torn, which we have been honored to hear first from founder, drummer and recording wizard, Aaron Paoletta. I had my grubby paws on the masters the minute Aaron got them back and have been enjoying this beast ever since. A huge “Thank you!” for the opportunity, my friend! Love you guys!

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Meade Ave Releases Their First Single “Taking Back Tomorrow” Off of Their Forthcoming Album “Stitching the Torn”!

Long time readers know our affinity for Sin City’s, Meade Ave.  We have been behind the Militia for quite a while now after showcasing the band and reviewing their killer live show over the course of the last year or so.  Their sound is a modern take on old-school Hard Rock often bordering on Traditional Heavy Metal that deserves a very high spot on any playlist.  Having a broad spectrum of accessible and honest music puts them in a sweet spot that attracts fans across many genres.  On top of their undeniable musical talents, the band is extremely hard working and driven to support their fan base as much as we support their band.  They have to be one of the coolest groups of people you could ever meet, happy to engage everyone that graces their presence.  Zero attitude zone around the entire band.  This carries over to contemporary bands as well.  Drummer/Producer/Editor and all-around great guy, Aaron Paoletta runs The Cave Recording Studio and has developed a mobile platform, allowing them to record anywhere they land on their extensive tour schedule which can then be mixed and mastered at home base in Las Vegas, NV.  He offers this advanced service to others at a very reasonable cost in an effort to promote his entire scene, not just Meade Ave.  I don’t one thin dime from this statement and don’t intend this as an advertisement.  This is truly how this man roles.  Big kudos for his ongoing support of the entire music scene!  Think about it.  If it were not for fans and bands willing to put skin in the entire game, the music dies.  Aaron gives us all a high bar to live up to wherever we live!

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Meade Ave. – Out of the Shadows of the Las Vegas Strip


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The polish fades and the world becomes “normal” at best and “seedier” and/or dangerous at worst. These are the areas that locals live, work and play in the shadow of the downtown machine. Many would choose to go to a mega888 register page over heading to the strip around here, and were it not so close it would seem like any other location around America. Take, for example, a short little street off the Vegas Strip, Meade Avenue. You can get your car fixed, buy a used boat, shop for “adult gifts”, recycle your worn out crap or rent a dirty old warehouse for whatever storage needs you may find yourself in need of. Not all that comes off of Meade Avenue is mediocre though. Take, for instance the killer, Hard Rock/Metal outfit named after this unassuming little Sin City street, Meade Ave…


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