Las Vegas Death Fest Announces Massive Line-Up For Its 10th Anniversary In 2018

Next year Las Vegas Death Fest will roll into it’s tenth year of existence, and, shall celebrate a decade’s anniversary of punishing and relentless death metal. As Las Vegas Death Fest heads onto their remarkable feat of completing 10 years, they will host the most brutal bands from around the world and from the United States as well. It’s just been four months since the previous edition got over, and they’ve already let out next year’s epic line-up. And, holy cow, it’s massive! With a line-up as big as this, there’s little chance that people descending on the festival will have time left in their schedules to enjoy the city’s many great casinos for which it owes its fame. Perhaps they could check out the online casinos (click here to see one) from the comfort of their hotel rooms or homes after two days of heavy rocking.

With a plethora of utterly brutal and pulverizing death metal acts such as the likes of INCANTATION, DEVOURMENT, LITURGY, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DEFEATED SANITY, MALIGNANCY, plus including even more than a whopping 40 number of death metal bands on the bill, Las Vegas Death Fest promises to bring another whirlwind of carnage, blood and destruction to the sin city. And since it’s the 10th anniversary of the reputed fest, the promoters have something cool riled up for the fans, in the form of a special surprise guest appearance, only to be seen at LVDF X!

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Review: SHEIKS OF NEPTUNE ‘Come Drink With The Sheiks’ [Album Stream]

Photo Credit: Chase Stevens @csstevensphoto

Sheiks Of Neptune currently hail from the sinful city of Las Vegas, though there sound is from out of this world. I first got acquainted with the band while in Las Vegas and they were opening for Dead Kennedys. Let me tell you now that Sheiks Of Neptune’s stage performance is nothing short of jaw dropping. With Sheikenstein on vocals, Buzzed Aldrin on guitar, Val 9000 on violin, Cosmo Knotts on drums, Skeeter O’Toole on bass, and Brando Calrissian on ANOTHER guitar, things get wild with the rowdiest drunken space crew you’ll ever have a close encounter with. I know what you are thinking…violin? Val 9000 fits perfectly into this far out fold. I honestly was a little skeptical at first until I heard the chemistry within the band come alive in their music. They have a surf punk kind of sound with and rough and rowdy edge. The band recently released their new album ‘Come Drink With The Sheiks’ on May 12th. It’s 13 jet fueled tracks that rocket you through their sound.

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Meade Ave. – Out of the Shadows of the Las Vegas Strip


The Las Vegas Strip. Bright lights, glitz, glamor, world famous casinos and celebrities. Sorry. Not a fan. Head northwest off the strip and things quickly change just like most downtown areas in any large city. You certainly won’t find any casinos out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t gamble. Many locals and tourists use sites like to play their favourite casino games and avoid the Vegas strip. Online casinos are just as fun, if not more fun as you can play from anywhere you like. You want to pass the time while you’re out waiting for an appointment or on your lunch break at work. Online casino sites like livemobile66 can give you that thrill of playing the game and, of course, winning that cash prize right from your phone. You can also utilise the welcome bonuses and offers to boost your profits. Many different sites offer these sorts of bonuses; Mr Q Casino, for example, offers a welcome bonus of 10 free spins with no wagering requirements (resource). So you don’t have to tolerate the chaotic streets of the Vegas streets to be able to have fun gambling.

The polish fades and the world becomes “normal” at best and “seedier” and/or dangerous at worst. These are the areas that locals live, work and play in the shadow of the downtown machine. Many would choose to go to a mega888 register page over heading to the strip around here, and were it not so close it would seem like any other location around America. Take, for example, a short little street off the Vegas Strip, Meade Avenue. You can get your car fixed, buy a used boat, shop for “adult gifts”, recycle your worn out crap or rent a dirty old warehouse for whatever storage needs you may find yourself in need of. Not all that comes off of Meade Avenue is mediocre though. Take, for instance the killer, Hard Rock/Metal outfit named after this unassuming little Sin City street, Meade Ave…


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Review of Sheiks of Neptune live in Las Vegas!


Random and spur of the moment concerts are always amazing. While out in Las Vegas earlier in the month I just happened to make it to a Dead Kennedys show that was totally unplanned. The concert took place at the Las Vegas Country Saloon on Fremont Street (yes, DK played a country saloon). One of the best things that can happen at a concert happened that night. Other than the Dead Kennedys I knew none of the bands on the bill. I was absolutely blown away by the 3rd band of the night. The band Sheiks Of Neptune was not only the best band I saw that night but one of the most active and best stage shows I have seen in years. (And I have seen a shit ton of shows, trust me) These guys take the stage and every eye in the room is on the stage. The whole theme of the band helps build their stage presence, but when the vocalist known as “Sheikenstein” comes running out its non-stop energy until the set is over. A ride-able toy spaceship, a beheaded Barbie doll and a Marvin The Martian style ray gun are just some of the props used to help their show come to life. Continue reading

State Of The Art: Vegas Rockers SIN CITY SINNERS

*This is part of our State Of The Art series showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state*

This month’s State is Nevada!

Nevada_Road_Sign You can’t think about Nevada without thinking about Sin City. Now these days you can’t think about Sin City without thinking about the SIN CITY SINNERS! Formed in 2007 the SIN CITY SINNERS started as a just for fun jam band but quickly turned into something much bigger. Now in 2015 they are Las Vegas’s top drawing rock act. Their reputation has grown so much that rock legends will not visit Vegas without catching a performance from the rockers, very often joining them on stage. In fact, Hundreds of rock stars have jammed with the “Sinners” including members of iconic bands like Guns N’ Roses, KISS, Motley Crue, Journey, Motorhead and Pantera to name just a few. The band claims that if you took every artist who has performed on stage with them and added their record sells together, the total sells would eclipse 500 Million albums sold worldwide. Continue reading