Las Vegas Death Fest Announces Massive Line-Up For Its 10th Anniversary In 2018

Next year Las Vegas Death Fest will roll into it’s tenth year of existence, and, shall celebrate a decade’s anniversary of punishing and relentless death metal. As Las Vegas Death Fest heads onto their remarkable feat of completing 10 years, they will host the most brutal bands from around the world and from the United States as well. It’s just been four months since the previous edition got over, and they’ve already let out next year’s epic line-up. And, holy cow, it’s massive! With a line-up as big as this, there’s little chance that people descending on the festival will have time left in their schedules to enjoy the city’s many great casinos for which it owes its fame. Perhaps they could check out the online casinos (click here to see one) from the comfort of their hotel rooms or homes after two days of heavy rocking.

With a plethora of utterly brutal and pulverizing death metal acts such as the likes of INCANTATION, DEVOURMENT, LITURGY, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DEFEATED SANITY, MALIGNANCY, plus including even more than a whopping 40 number of death metal bands on the bill, Las Vegas Death Fest promises to bring another whirlwind of carnage, blood and destruction to the sin city. And since it’s the 10th anniversary of the reputed fest, the promoters have something cool riled up for the fans, in the form of a special surprise guest appearance, only to be seen at LVDF X!

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