Review Of Martyrs Asylum Incredible Debut: “Grudge Against The World”

Martyrs Asylum is:

Sid Stratton – Lead Vocals/Bass
Crow X – Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals
Bones – Rhythm Guitar
Judge – Drums


Martyrs Asylum is a Hard Rock/Metal outfit out of Orlando, FL that has been around since 2014. I have been listening to this talented group for a couple of years now after having them referred to me by Bobby Keller (guitarist for much loved Meka Nism) when looking for more local music to support. I was finally able to see their live show a couple of months ago at The Haven in Orlando with a wide variety of other Central Florida Metal bands and found myself absolutely enthralled by their incredible music and in-your-damned-face charisma and energy. This band reminds me of Stadium Rock bands from the 70s and 80s; larger than life on stage while remaining completely personable and engaging with whoever surrounds them off stage. Martyrs Asylum is definitely a live band first.

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