Review: Lowercase Gods – When The Serpent Sings [Stream]

Lowercase Gods hail from Columbia, South Carolina and was formed in 2010. The band has their footing in the old school metal world, but it’s new age technology that we should praise for the bands formation. Guitarist/songwriter John Huiett was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, bassist Scott Kimmell and drummer Markus Unum based out of South Carolina. Distance wasn’t about to stop this band however. The band made many trips back and forth and then in 2012 found their powerful voice in singer Web Hulon. With his voice leading the charge Lowercase Gods was destined to bring old school metal back to its rightful place in the music world. Lowercase Gods debut album, ‘Pull the Trigger’, was released in September 2013 to international praise. The spring of 2016 saw the band re-enter the Jam Room with Matheson to record seven additional songs. In September OF 2016, Lowercase Gods released their second full-length album, ‘When The Serpent Sings’. The vocalist commented on the album saying “I see the album like the muscle cars that they’re making now,” Hulon says. “They’re based on the classic models, with familiar styling and lots of power, but with updated features and new technology and engineering. And you can’t help but to want to take it for a spin.” He is dead on, this album is like a muscle car made of 100% American made steel with the octane to take you on a fast and furious musical road trip. Continue reading

Review: CODE ORANGE – ‘Forever’ [Song Stream]

Critically acclaimed hardcore band Code Orange are set to release their 3rd LP, ‘Forever’ next week on January 13th, 2017. ‘Forever’ will be the band’s first release on major label Roadrunner Records. Their previous 2 records were released on Deathwish. It will be the follow up to their highly praised album ‘I Am King’ which was released in 2014. In my opinion, ‘I Am King’ was one of the best hardcore records in the last 10 years, so topping the record is going to be considered a huge challenge by many. The band formed in 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. The lineup has changed a few times but has been consistent since 2012, the current members of the band are Eric Balderose on guitar and vocals, Reba Meyers also on guitar and vocals, Jami Morgan on the drums and vocals, and Joe Goldman on the bass. They changed their name from Code Orange Kids to Code Orange in 2014. You can pre-order the new album here. Continue reading

Review of The Caveat’s Absolutely Brilliant, Self-Titled Debut

The Caveat is:

Michael Stancel – Lead Guitar

Kyle Neeley, Guitar

Nik Schafer – Bass

Paul Christiansen – Drums

Artwork by Mikey Stancel

After recently reviewing The Caveat (Review) I was given the opportunity to get my hands on a signed, pre-release copy by the generosity of the band. I have listened to the singles extensively since being introduced to this killer band by my friend Ben Gleason, the guitarist/vocalist for my number one spot on last year’s best album, Return to Nothing by Source, but was not quite prepared for the difference that organizing the singles into a cohesive CD makes. The singles are obviously good by themselves and stand strong individually but as a full album, they are nothing short of amazing! This is already a peremptory favorite for Best of 2017! There must be something in the water in Colorado…

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I believe that I Prevail is currently one of the hardest working bands out there right now. They have constantly been out on the road promoting their new material from their debut album ‘Lifelines’. The headlining tour also features up and coming post-hardcore band Islander, a heavy metalcore band in Wage War, and pop punk band Assuming We Survive. You can see the dates below. Continue reading

State of the Art: Idaho – Time 4 Change

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Idaho!

We move on to a new month and a new year with a brand new State of the Art series, this time covering Idaho. Bordered by Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Canada, Idaho was the 43rd state to join the Union on July 3rd, 1890. While there is no certainty how the name was derived, it is most likely an adaptation of a word from the Shoshone, Plains Apache or Comanche Indians. With a current population of 1.7 million and covering some 84,000 square miles, “The Gem State” is the 39th most populated state and the 14th largest. Of course, everyone thinks potatoes when thinking about Idaho, and with good reason since the state provides a full one third of the country’s total yield each year. Hailing from Idaho’s state capitol of Boise come my first SOTA highlight of the year: Time 4 Change, who currently sit in the fifth spot on regional, ReverbNation charts for Idaho.

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Turbo Shokk Brings The Best Of Hair Metal With “Get Radical”

Turbo Shokk is:

RyanRazorO’Shea – Bass
Michael Arcane – Drums
Stack Manley – Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Hedras Ramos – Lead guitar

Tony PetrocellyBass and guitar/Production

To close out the year check, out Turbo Shokk’s debut release of Get Radical that was released less than a month ago on Edgewood Arsenal Records. New Year’s Eve is all about having fun; reminiscing about the past while looking forward to the future and Turbo Shokk fits the bill perfectly for both!

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Review: EMPYREAN THRONE – ‘Chaosborne’ [Song Stream]

Album art by Vladislav Kutuzov

Up and coming black metal artists, Empyrean Throne, are gearing up to release their first full length album: ‘Chaosborne’. The album will be released on January 24th, 2017 by Erthe and Axen Records. The record was produced by Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh). The American band was born in Lake Forest, California back in 2011. This will be the band’s followup to their debut EP that was released in 2013, titled ‘Demonseed’. Empyrean Throne does a great job combining the traditional black metal sound along with the new age sound as well. They blend in orchestral elements, melodic and speedy guitar, and raw, ripping vocals. The band consists of Andrew Knudsen on vocals, Mike Brennan on guitar, and Leviathan on the drums. You can check out some of their previous material on their Bandcamp page as well. Continue reading

Review: Detoxed ‘Modern Slavery’ [Song Stream]

Detoxed first formed in Montpellier, France in 2009. The band’s first release was their EP ‘It Was Written In Blood’ which released in 2011. Detoxed has a thrash sound with elements of melodic speed metal also in the mix. You can hear a lot of influence from In Flames in their music. ‘It Was Written In Blood’ really established the band’s style and sound. The band was off to a great start. The EP, from a listener’s perspective, was a complete hit. All they had to do now was continue to make music in their already successful style. Then the unthinkable happened. The band’s lineup was forced to change as singer Laurent “Styx” Py exits the band. Most people can attest that more often than not the hardest member of a band to replace is the singer. There are guitarists, drummers and bassists that massively contribute to complete a band’s sound, but no two singers can be identical. Regardless who stepped up to the mic Detoxed and their music would be forced to change in some way. Fortunately the band didn’t have to look very far. Guitarist David Fantoni is now pulling double duty playing both guitar as well as singing. Detoxed recently released the album ‘Modern Slavery’ on October 16th via Send The Wood Music (Distributed by Seasons Of The Mist) which showcases David Fantoni as the new voice of the band. All the other parts of the band remain intact and now the only question is if the band will rise or fall with their new voice. Those questions and more are now answered after consuming every second of their new album ‘Modern Slavery’. Continue reading

Review: Static Tension – ‘Out Of Reach’

Static Tension is a band I have been watching grow for quite some time. It was about a year or so ago that I became aware of the Cincinnati, Ohio based band. As a fan of music I tend to always prefer original music, but these guys really captured my attention with their cover of Dax Rigg’s (Acid Bath) song “Night Is The Notion”. (Let me note that there is not a bigger Acid Bath, or Dax Riggs fan than me.) Static Tension draws influence from classic rock, 90’s grunge, and progressive metal, but they have really become masters to their own unique musical blend. They refer to their sound as progressive grunge. Melodic vocal harmonies is a big part of their sound, but they also have creative and powerful riffs to go along with it. The band has only been reformed since 2014, lead guitarist Greg Blachman first used the name Static Tension in 1999. During that time the band recorded the album, ‘Paint By Number’ before parting ways in 2001. After a 13 year absence the name was resurrected in 2014 with a new line-up, including lead vocalist Rob Rom, and bassist Ritchie Paik. In early 2015 the band completed a four track EP entitled ‘Rebirth’, which contains two vocally reworked tracks off of Greg’s solo album ‘Beyond Horizons’ released in 2013, as well as two new, more collaborative tracks “Bottom Rung” & “Rebirth”. Static Tension has now finished their most recent EP ‘Out Of Reach’, which is set to release January 6th, 2017 via Buried By Sky Records. The album was written, recorded and produced by the band. Static Tension will be celebrating the release with a show on January 14th at The Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky. The band will be joined by three amazing bands The Past, Hemp Noose, and Motel Faces. Continue reading