Review: COLDCELL – ‘Those’ [Album Stream]


From the smallest canton in Switzerland comes ColdCell, from Basel-Stadt. The five member extreme metal band, currently on tour after their release show earlier this month has a lot of upcoming shows. Five years ago in 2012 the guys came together and officially became ColdCell. Seems like two maybe a lucky number for the band, since every two years since the founding they have released a new album. Their debut album ‘Generation Abomination’ produced by Gravity Entertainment in October of 2013, being their longest album to date. Two years later the band released their second album entitled ‘Low Life’ in May of 2015 with just one less song, but from a new label Avanlgarde Music. November has been a very busy month for this out of the Swiss group with the release of their third album ‘Those’ on November 3rd 2017. This eight song album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Victor Bullock, over the course of three months in Germany at Woodstock Studio. The album was produced under the record label Avanlgarde Music. Don’t forget to keep an eye and ear out for them with many big upcoming shows on their current tour with a stop at Road Fest 2017 this December.

With the first track on their newest album ‘Those’ comes a song like no other called “Growing Girth” the second longest song on the album. The tempo of the song starts out really slow with a long drum and guitar solo. Once the vocals break out the pace of the song starts to speed up with the drum and guitar riffs becoming more in depth. The emotions can really be felt in this song that captures the moment. “Sleep of Reason” the fifth song has a very different feel to it than the previously mentioned song. The track starts out with a faster tempo and delves straight from a guitar riff into the vocals. The repetition of the name of the song is belted out as bells toll in the distance. The drum solo towards the end is undeniably amazing with the screaming vocals that capture your soul. The longest song on the new album ‘Those’ is “Tainted Thoughts”, which is a mix between the previous two songs. Vocals come in immediately after the few seconds of a slow tempo guitar riff. Racing with the pace of the song the drums continue in the same style as the feel of the vocals, grabbing at you in a very intense way. As the vocalist screams the guitarists shredding becomes faster, you can tell this song has immense emotions passed on through not only the lyrics, but the groove of the song as well.

ColdCell comes at you with this new album of extremely emotional and raging rock and roll. It’s songs grab at your soul and twist combining one extreme to the other. The album consists of tracks that make you just want to get up and scream at the world and unleash all your inner thoughts. On the other hand if you’re feeling in a more relaxed or somber mood there’s a song for you on this incredible new album as well, so you can kick back and let the music take you away. There is something for everyone and you should definitely check the new album ‘Those’ out. The album is available on CD and digital download which can be purchased here. This by far is my favorite album by ColdCell and it may be yours as well.

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