What Are 7 Content Creation Tips We Should Keep in Mind for 2020

Content takes a significant if not the leading role in brand building and business promotion. Users and potential customers have become more hypercritical and picky in terms of the content they receive. Therefore, brands must treat this aspect of marketing responsibly and provide their customers with what they request if they want to succeed. You have to keep up with the upcoming trends or become a trendsetter yourself. Experts at https://essayshark.com/ prepared a list of content creation tips that you should consider while compiling your 2020 business development plan.

Create More Video Content

According to Google, 90% of users discover new brands with the help of YouTube videos. People want to get fascinating, entertaining, informative videos from companies that produce goods they consume or services they benefit from. Statistics state that people spend 88% more time on websites that have video content. How can your business use this? Your marketing department can broadcast live and show your customers the backstage of getting things done inside your company. Live stream educational or informative videos with your partners or opinion leaders. Invite celebrities, bloggers, and experts. Offer your customers videos that will highlight your expertise but will not look like you are boasting.

Educate Your Audience

Use videos and posts to give your subscribers or users more information about creating or using something. Webinars are still an excellent instrument for attracting customers in B2B. However, you should alter a format a bit and offer some new forms. Thus, try providing your target audience with intense courses that last for just one hour, a series of workshops, interactive engagements, or gamification. In addition to that, do not forget about the simple “How to” videos that can be used literally for everything — from packing a Christmas present to using your application on various devices.

Leverage Other Social Networks

Do not limit your business to using only Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Discover and explore new social media networks that can help you attract a new type of TA. For example, Snapchat and TikTok. The latter was a real breakthrough of the year. Clearly, everything depends on your target audience, but you must benefit from new opportunities on the market.

Adapt Your Content for Voice Search

In 2018, 40% of users preferred voice search over the traditional way of looking for information. With the rapid appearance of smart devices, integration of Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data, people get the desired answer in 70% of cases. It’s not hard to guess that these numbers are only going to increase in 2020. Think about how users are going to search for your content with voice. The typed request “ginger cookies recipe” differs in form from the pronounced “how to cook ginger cookies” version.

Optimize The Existing Content

You will be surprised, but dozens or even hundreds of your existing articles can attract a high flow of traffic with the help of correct headings, questions, and answers in the text that are important for a user. Forget about putting senseless keywords in a row just for the sake of inserting a keyword. Focus on your readers, respect their time, offer them the information they have been looking for, and you will be rewarded with loyalty and high conversion.

Offer Interactive Content in Any Form

It’s getting more difficult and expensive to attract people’s attention. When the content you share is boring and does not match the expectations, the user won’t waste his time on diving into it. However, the way you present the information can change everything. Instead of publishing long reads (that actually still work), you can transform them into a series of stories that will be uploaded or narrated at the exact time once a week. Thus, you will develop a habit among your readers to check out what’s new or how the story continues. Let your target audience decide: offer quizzes, games, surveys, but don’t forget to reward them for participation. It can be a funny mask on Instagram, stickers, or useful content shared with them for free via email. Even serious businesses can benefit from letting their customers play games. Just don’t be afraid to experiment!

Be Yourself

The era of sophisticated glamour and “perfect people” is over. The image you create behind your brand with the help of content corresponds with your TA. Do not be afraid to upload spontaneous stories on social media platforms that introduce your employees. If you are a blogger, you should tell about your life as it is and stop wearing a mask. Your honesty and frankness will be rewarded.

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