Album Review : FLUB – Self Titled [Single Streaming]

Heavy on the arpeggios, heavy on the footwork and heavy on the “bree’s,” FLUB is about to take you on an extraordinary adventure. A modern take on tech-death by members of such prestigious bands as RIVERS OF NIHIL, ALTERBEAST alongside former members of VALE OF PNATH and THE USER LIVES. FLUB is set to release their self-titled record via The Artisan Era on June 7th.

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Album Review: INANIMATE EXISTENCE – ‘Underneath A Melting Sky’ [Official Stream]

Featuring former members of Brain Drill and Flesh Consumed and released less than a year after their third release Calling From A Dream (Unique Leader Records), Bay Areas Inanimate Existence return with their fourth progressive tech-death fantasia Underneath A Melting Sky. This marks their first record to be released with independent label The Artisan Era and a definitive peak in their 8-year career with a firm establishment of direction after much experimentation. Produced at the Shark Bite Studios (responsible for the mastering behind Exodus’: The Atrocity Exhibition Exhibit A and Machine Heads The Blackening), this record offers a futuristic delivery of evolutionary technical death metal and an exciting glimpse into the direction of the genre to come.

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State of the Art: Inferi

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Tennessee!


Week number two for our State of the Art: Tennessee brings something much more harsh than I usually choose. While still melodic, this band definitely falls on the more extreme end of Technical Death Metal in sound, theme and in attitude. Named appropriately after the collective gods of the underworld among ancient Romans, check out Inferi!

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