Mayfest, May 21, 2016 (and more…): Meka Nism!


If you are a Metal fan out of Central Florida and don’t live under a rock you have surely heard of my next Mayfest feature band. Bar none, they are one of my favorite bands and not just because they are relatively local to me. Their music is incredible and all of the band members are beyond being just nice people. They are a true testament to a band that loves their fans as much as their fans love them. As stated by the band: “Our fans are what drive us. We want to create music that people love and connect with. The reaction from our fans at shows is priceless”. That’s right folks, I am talking about the mighty Meka Nism out of Orlando, FL.

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Mayfest, May 21, 2016: Best Supporting Actor


Here is another killer band out of Melbourne, FL that will be playing at Mayfest: Best Supporting Actor. This band’s sound is a formative mix of Punk (“less angry though” as Steve Keller so aptly points out), Alternative and Hard Rock/Metal guitar riffs with melodic vocals and a great old-school flavor I am really digging. Started in July of 2007 by drummer/vocalist Steve Keller and guitarist Wade Vargo after having “some song ideas [he] wanted to flush out”, they decided to form a band after the third time writing and recording their original tunes.

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Odyssey’s Scene: An Interview with Chris Marsh, Promoter for Mayfest (21 May 2016)


A very interesting, behind the scenes perspective on what it takes to put on a large show like Murderfly’s 5th Annual Mayfest.

Odyssey: Hi Chris! Very nice meeting you and glad to have you with us. I know you are very busy with Mayfest and appreciate you taking the time to tell us about the show.

So, tell us a little about yourself as a promoter, Chris Marsh Productions and your passion for Florida music.

Chris Marsh: Chris Marsh Productions was founded on providing the best shows possible with the best bands possible. I have been involved with the local music scene for 17+ years, I’ve toured, I’ve pushed road cases, worked large festivals, have used new music promoter software like, know all the tricks of the trade and have seen and done pretty much everything a true promoter should do, including driving the miles to promote this event.

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Odyssey’s Scene (Debut): The Glorious Rebellion (Mayfest – 21 May 2016)


I have been a huge supporter of local and emerging bands for years and have met and am fortunate to call many of them friends.  Since joining the Metal Nexus staff, I have had a desire to cover this local music I love in and around Florida and carve out a small space for some of my personal interests.  Well, last week we were able to partner with host Chris Marsh to cover Mayfest on May 21, 2016 with many great bands that I know and been introduced to a couple that never hit my radar.  For the dual purpose of introducing “Odyssey’s Scene” and ramp up to Mayfest, I am very pleased to introduce you to: The Glorious Rebellion.

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