Mayfest, May 21, 2016: Best Supporting Actor


Here is another killer band out of Melbourne, FL that will be playing at Mayfest: Best Supporting Actor. This band’s sound is a formative mix of Punk (“less angry though” as Steve Keller so aptly points out), Alternative and Hard Rock/Metal guitar riffs with melodic vocals and a great old-school flavor I am really digging. Started in July of 2007 by drummer/vocalist Steve Keller and guitarist Wade Vargo after having “some song ideas [he] wanted to flush out”, they decided to form a band after the third time writing and recording their original tunes.

Best Supporting Actor have one split CD release: “Best Supporting Actor vs. The Reversals” (with The Reversals) in 2012 but are currently working on a new release with bass player and background vocalist, Katy Moist. They can usually be seen around Brevard County and Central Florida at The Boondocks, Sportspage and County Line but shared an experience with their first, out-of-town gig at a nudist resort music festival in Tampa: Being the last band to play and with “a storm looming, 95% of the crowd left before [they] showed up… and played to about 10 people in the rain”. Nice… Not everything has been laughs though. Shortly after a gig in 2010 at the age of 37, Steve had a heart attack and was fitted with a pacemaker. “It was a weird time for everyone, but we bounced back and are booked to play more shows than ever”. Bounced back, indeed! This is original, fun and grooving rock-n-roll. Dancable and melodic enough to entertain those old-school rock-n-roll types and heavy enough to satisfy all but the most extreme Metalheads. This trio is the entire package! A big supporter of local music, Steve goes on to talk about his view of Best Supporting Actor’s goal: “I used to write an original music column for Brevard Live Magazine. For me, BSA is talking the talk and walking the walk. Doesn’t matter what genres the other bands play, this is our music scene. Together. To entertain the masses and to inspire the ones coming up thinking about writing their own songs”. With almost universal appeal, this positive attitude and the support of current and future fans, many sure to follow Mayfest, Best Supporting Actor should never see a ceiling above their heads. I can’t wait to see and meet these guys in less than a month!


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Murderfly’s 5th Annual Mayfest

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