Editor’s Top 10 Albums Of 2018!


Just as every year seems to do 2018 was filled with tons of tremendous albums by music veterans and also new up and coming bands. It seems to get harder and harder every year to narrow it down to 10 albums that really impressed you when you have heard an innumerable amount albums. Some of the albums that almost made my list varies from some old school legacy acts to some up and coming acts that are more on the underground side. Greta Van Fleet’s album ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ was great but just didn’t make the cut with so many other great albums released this year. Sleep put out an amazing album but I’m much more of a High On Fire fan. Another band that has made my top 10 in previous years is Shit The Cow, their new album ‘When In Caracas’ was still amazing but a slight step away from what I thought was near perfection on their previous records. Of course there was also some heavy hitters that released albums that I loved like Behemoth, Judas Priest, At The Gates, Parkway Drive and Architects. I think sometimes the unknown or new bands have an advantage because you go into the listening experience with no expectations and they blow you away, versus these legendary acts who have to one up their previous masterpieces. My personal taste in music is very varied, what on my list do you agree with or what do you think is missing?


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State Of The Art: Utah – Cult Leader


*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Utah!

Cult Leader was formed in 2013 by 3 members of the band Gaza. The band Gaza was legendary in their region, and created some of the most fierce music I’ve heard. By far one of my personal favorite bands. Gaza was active for 9 years, from 2004 to 2013. The band had elements of mathcore, sludge and grindcore in their sound and some of those elements have their way to Cult Leader. In addition to some of the already influences they also add a progressive twist to their new band. The band has released two EPs and one album. The first EP ‘Nothing for Us Here’ was released in 2014 and June of 2015 saw the release of their second EP ‘Useless Animal’. Cult Leader wasted no time putting out a full length which they released in October of 2015 titled ‘Lightless Walk’. All 3 of their records have been released via Deathwish Inc. which is owned by Converge’s vocalist Jacob Bannon. Cult Leader has quickly become one of my favorite bands.

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