State Of The Art: New Hampshire’s DELANEY [Album Stream]

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is New Hampshire.*

This is what I absolutely LOVE about writing for Metal Nexus – the discovery of bands with whom I fall in love with.  From the wonderfully brutal Space Cadaver (New Orleans) to the rock tight rockers the Granite Saints (Hawai) to New Hampshire’s pop rockers Delaney.

Delaney are a four piece from Manchester, NH.  They are comprised of Matt Gennetti on vocals/guitar/piano, Kurt Pinette on drums, Andy Mallett on bass/vocals and Derek Heidemann on guitar.  Their music is pop punk/rock/alternative and they produce one of the most beautiful sonic soundscapes in the musical universe.  Evocative, pulsating and melodic, there is a power that transcends the normal expectations of your average listener.

They have released just one EP, ‘Kites Without String’ and this is enough to convince me that they have a bright future ahead, if they choose to make music their life mission.

The EP is a six song collection of music that has become my safe haven from the chaos of the world.  I have listened to this quite a bit since I found it on Bandcamp.  The songs are seductive.  They charm and enthrall with equal measure.  I am sure that some Metal Nexus readers may find them too lightweight, but making time for these magical melodies will reduce blood pressure and make you feel happier!

The collection has its rockier moments with “Architect of Shame” having a hook like Rocky Balboa and guitars to the fore.  This song is a standout moment with its pop punk feel.

I love the warm sound of the production and the whole upbeat whimsy of the release makes the serotonin stream in bursts of pleasure.  There are moments of bliss in these grooves, including the piano-driven opener “Twenty-One Reasons” and the  cinematic “Down To The Lions“.  Wonderful stuff!

Reduce your blood pressure.  Increase your serotonin.  Smile more.  Delaney are here to deliver you from the horrors of modern life.

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