Review: WHILE SHE SLEEPS – “So What?” [Official Music Videos]

While She Sleeps has been keeping the UK metalcore scene alive for a long time now and after the release of ‘So What?’ I believe they will become one of the main players in the entire game!

‘So What?’ is set to release on the 1st of March and it will be their 4th full album so far. While the 2012 album ‘This Is The Six’ got most fans instantly hooked their second and third releases both showed that While She Sleeps is capable of staying true to their roots while improving massively. And ‘So What?’ is the beginning of something much more.

Opening track ”Anti-Social” gets you right in the mood for the album. Even though it has been released on the 28th of October it is still one of my favorites songs. And one of the better music videos I might add. While She Sleeps has always been about injustice and about showing people the ”truth” of things and ”Anti-Social” is no different. There are many clear messages in the music video and the way they are all portrayed can only be called beautiful in my book.

7th song ”Elephant” has got to be my all time favorite song of everything While She Sleeps has ever made. I absolutely love it when the song starts out with just one riff and then another and before you know it the entire family has come together and you can’t stop yourself from banging your head as hard as you possibly can. The minute the vocals gets added to the mix you will find yourself singing along. This right here is what core is all about!

If ‘So what?’ wasn’t amazing enough already a song like ”Back Of My Mind” comes along. I don’t even know where to start with this one, every single aspect about it is nearly perfect. The riffs are killer and the vocals tell a painfull yet real truth. Whatever way you may take the meaning it will always remain everything While She Sleeps stands for. You can tell how much anger, passion and love they have put into ‘So What?’ and I can honestly say that this is their best album to me. It truly has everything you could ever imagine and much more. Already can’t wait to witness their act live at Graspop 2019!

I really hope they become as big in the EU as they are in the UK. This band needs to become international and spread their message to every country possible. It has been a tough road for these guys but they have never stopped being themselves. Always out to create art and to let people know what they are all about. I have seen them live before and I am going to see them again in roughly 4 months and I highly recomment anyone to go see them too. They put on a hell of a show you won’t forget. So be sure to give their latest albums a listen and if you like what you hear/see please get ‘So What?’ below!

Pre-order ‘So What’ here!

While She Sleeps:

Lawrence Taylor – Vocals
Sean Long – Guitar
Mat Welsh- Guitar / Vocals
Aaran Mckenzie – Bass
Adam Savage – Drums

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