Minneapolis, Minnesota prog rockers TRITA have recently released a brand new self-titled EP. The three piece band claims they have ripped out elements of various bands who have inspired them and piece them together cohesively into their own signature sound. The band also recently embarked on a 2 week national tour in support of the recent EP. The EP was recorded by Adam Tucker (Bastard Saint, Hate Beast, Ambassador Gun) at Signature Tone Recording in Minneapolis. This 3 track EP is short, but sweet, and just makes the anticipation for an LP even greater.

Cover Art by: Sandra Callies

The opening track of the EP “Euphorbia” is an easy listening progressive introduction. The clean and melodic vocals give this song great harmony and flow. Ian Litten’s guitar playing throughout the track has a very appealing sound and really makes it different in comparison to other prog rock. You do get a few moments of some distorted riffage, but it’s just the right amount to change things up. In the latter part of the 7 minute song you do get some more aggressive vocals and it really beefs up the track. “Tin Ear” is in no way somber like the last track. The song starts with an aggressive attack, and continues to layer on the flavor throughout. Like the EP’s cover art TRITA seem to be masters at layering elements throughout each song. The riffs and aggressive vocals on this track contrast with the previous track and help you see the band in a very different light. Their sound really can’t be predicted, and their ability to go in various directions is one of their most powerful attributes. The progressive elements in their sound are pretty easy to pin point, but if you listen closely you can also hear some hardcore elements in their sound as well. “Rocks And Stones” is probably my favorite track on the album. It has this groove throughout and the vocals really come to the surface and grab your attention. There is some instrumental moments in the song that lead almost to a complete stop before picking back up in a much slower fashion. The song really takes a turn about halfway through and while it feels like a different song, but it works. TRITA will truly capture you with this EP, before you realize it you will have listened to the songs 3-4 times through. The material in this album is composed masterfully and it’s well worth a listen.

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