State of the Art: Idaho – Vault7

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Idaho!

Week number two with our State of the Art: Idaho series brings us again to the capital city of Boise. This Hard Rock/Metal outfit has graced the stage with bands like Anthrax, Trapt, Zoso, Death Angel, Cover Your Tracks, Righteous Vendetta, Like a Storm and many, many others in their two year history. That’s right, only two years and they already playing with these legendary acts! Sounds like history in the making to me. The band, my friends, is Vault7!

Vault7 was formed way back [sic] in 2014 by drummer Dennis Goodman. The rest of the current lineup include Brian Hoyt and Nathan Plonow on the axes and Paul Blair on bass. With a strong live presence, Vault7 has quickly developed a rabid fan base which allowed them to release their first EP in 2015. With songs “Digital Heart” and “Touchstone”, they catapulted themselves to the pinnacle of the independent band heap. Due to their relentless show schedule and second to none work ethic, Vault7 was able to release their first, self-titled LP less than a month ago. Tracks on this killer release have been written over the course of the band’s existence and include: “Shadow Of Vacancy”, “Soulgo”, “Deception”, “Fear Nothing”, “Touchstone”, “Unplug”, “Digital Heart”, “Too Long On Our Own”, “S.L.B.S.” and “Come To The Deep”. Know first that this is a heavy, guitar based band that defies sub-categorization. There are flavors from all over the Metal spectrum here, taking the best of all to create huge sound. To put it simply, if you like Metal, Vault7 is guaranteed to have something for you. Guitar riffs are brimming with a gritty edge that are both memorable and interesting from start to finish. Floating just below the leads lie a darker tone that accentuates the honest and passionate lyrics that are brilliantly harmonized with the overall vibe Vault7 presents. Bass lines hit very hard and do a great job of directing changes and hooks from which to launch clever bridges, solos and breakdowns. Deep, rich tone just ooze from Blair’s talented fingertips. With a very cool, kind of retro groove, Goodman flat wears out his kit even though he pulls the rhythm back as directed by the feel of each song. So easy to hear this man could go off, but this is definitely a case of knowing the when and where instead of just showing off unnecessarily. His restraint is palpable and adds an intensity fitting the band’s musical direction. Vocals move cleanly from deep undertones to soaring and throaty highs that fall somewhere between Geoffe Tate and Layne Stanley. Very unique, impressive and incredibly potent. Hell, even when screaming, pitch remains intact. Not something that is often heard but always stands out when it can be effectively utilized. Each member of Vault7 is extremely talented and colors their part of the overall sound impeccably. After hearing just a couple of songs, it is obvious that these guys are on the same page and work very well together. There are just no gaps in the music that would suggest any of them are phoning in their passion. This isn’t something that can be quantified easily, but just makes the music that much more pleasurable to listen to. Really, really digging Vault7 after jamming it for the last few days. Their music just feels right. Love discovering gold like this among the chaff!

So, if you are needing a new band to get behind, Vault7 might just be your ticket. Shred worthy riffs, killer, funky bass, kick-ass old school drumming and passionate vocals just scratch the surface of what Vault7 brings to the party. Check out the full stream of their latest release below and then buy it if you like it. Bands as good as these guys deserve to be around well into the future and they cannot do it without fan support! We are all just one big happy family if we support what we like!

For more information on Vault7, check out Vault7  Facebook  Twitter  ReverbNation  CDBaby

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