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It’s not often I get to write about some fellow Kentuckians. Not only do these guys hail from the Bluegrass state but they are putting us on the map for their brilliant musicianship. Stonecutters have successfully released 3 albums including their last kick ass release titled “Creatio Ex Nihil” that was unleashed in 2013. I was fortunate enough to see them back in 2006 with Eye Hate God and Nachtmystium in support of their debut album. Time has done nothing but make this band better and better. The brand new album “Blood Moon” is some of their best work to date and was recorded with David Barrick in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

One of my favorite tracks on this monster 10 song album is “Sign of the Pentagram”. The song is awesome even without any visual effects, but the video for the song just adds to the already kickassness of the track. The video was directed by Harley David Morris and you can find it below. The song starts with a drum beat almost like a heartbeat and then the song comes to life. Guitar riffs slowly trickle into a full on attack; then with a war cry the singer and guitar slayer Brian Omer leads us through the song. His vocal tone is in a galaxy all his own. Soft and somber at times and then rough and gravely when the song needs the added sludgy tone. They really showcase the power of the riff not only in this song but every song. Each song has a stand out shred session thanks to riff magician Nick Burks who lets his axe sing out to our undeserving ears. “Carbon Footprint” just grabs you by the throat and garnering your attention. The clean tones by and drum beats funnel the listener into a full on race between the guitarist and the drummer Johnny Wooldridge on which is faster. The song speeds all the way to the finish line leaving your heart pounding for more. Moving on to the kick ass all hell breaks loose kind of song “Ghosts Warning.” This song unleashes some much damn chaos it makes you want to pause the track just to catch your breath. The thick bass lines dropped by Kevin Redford help the high pitched tone of the guitar just jump out and make everything mesh together into an incredible melting pot of sound. Then when you least expect it the song slows down and Brian lets out his nasty loveable howl that seems to echo in your soul. You can hear a ton of different influences in their music from Black Sabbath to Bay Area Thrash to Mastodon and maybe even some High on Fire. There is only one real let down on the album and it’s the fact that it ends. They most definitely leave us on a high note with the song “Little Insects” though. The song has a huge intro showcasing the masterfulness of the bands musicians.

You can stream the full album at the bands website listed below. Enjoy!

Seeing the band in the flesh is even better than the record. Get out and watch these guys destroy the stage.


Make sure to keep up with everything Stonecutters at the following links.



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