Review: MIRRORED IMAGE – ‘The Pursuit Of Happiness’ [Album Stream]

Mirrored Image is a 4 piece band based in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. There isn’t a huge rock scene in the area that is better known for country and bluegrass artists, but Mirrored Image is looking to change that. The Kentuckians boast a true alt rock sound with amazing melodic vocals. The band has a sound that the music world has truly been missing. They have a 90’s alt rock inspired sound but with their own modern twist. Mirrored Image is made up of vocalist and songwriter Dylan Belcher, guitarist and backing vocalist Mark Chaney, drummer Evan Compton and bassist Elijah Purvis. Mirrored Image’s debut album ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ was recorded and mixed by John Chaney and mastered by Drew Thomas at Sage Audio in Nashville, Tennessee. The debut released on April 7th, 2017.

“The Mask” opens up the album with a super clean rock track. Dylan’s melodic vocal tone and the composition of the song really reminds you of bands like Oasis. There are these moments where the music gets hushed and the vocals become empowering during the chorus. The melodic easy going vocals become more aggressive near the end of the track and turn into much more of a scream. Not only does the style in which the band plays great but they also include incredible hooks that just reel you in. “Chasing After You” immediately starts with a groove filled riff by bassist Elijah Purvis. It plays a big part in this song along with these quick fast guitar riffs. Mirrored Image has an amazing way of filling each track with constant changes and progression. The title track “The Pursuit Of Happiness” gives us some amazing thought provoking lyrics. “But not the American dream, smoke in your lungs, cancer on your tongue” is some of the lyrics that just stick with you. You will find yourself rewinding the track and just listening to it over and over. This song also has this unique live feel to it. It could be the slight clapping or backing vocals but it sounds as if they are performing right in front of you. “Go” is one of the more upbeat tracks on the album and really has that sing along type vibe. There is this chugging guitar riff with just a touch of distortion that easily persuades you to start head banging. The song also gives you some guitar solo work that really adds another layer to the band’s sound. The stand out characteristic of this track is the way the band is able to cohesively change the tempo of the song several times. Closing out the album is the track “Room 22”. You can hear some punk influence here, but they still stay true to their unique style. The vocal change up throughout the song really keeps you on your toes. It changes from the melodic vocals to more of a harsh scream that shows a more aggressive side of the band. Each change in vocal approach also ignites a change in the music as well. During the aggressive vocal portions the music becomes faster and slightly heavier. Then during the melodic portions of the track everything falls back to the more calm and serene instrumentation.

Overall the album stays true to the bands alt rock sound. They mix things up and every track stands out for a different reason. Though they may remind you of iconic rock bands from the past they truly have their own unique style of music and writing. Several of the tracks on this album quickly get stuck in your head and you have to revisit them just to sing along. This debut by Mirrored Image will leave a lasting reflection on you.

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