Review: HARLOTT – ‘Extinction’ [Song Stream]

Sounding like something straight out of the 80s thrash era, Melbourne band Harlott have produced yet another incredible record. There are not many thrash bands in any era of the genre that match up with the ferocity that these guys bring. There is no mixing in different genres, it’s just straight in-your-face, kick ass speed/thrash metal! The band formed in 2006 and has released 2 EPs and 2 full length albums aside from this new album. Harlott began writing for ‘Extinction’ last year in 2016 after coming off a tour with Annihilation in Europe. The end result is yet another contender for album of the year as the superfluous amount of shredding fills your ears. Prepare for 51 minutes of intrepid, ravishing heavy pleasure. ‘Extinction’ is Harlott‘s third studio album and was recorded at Monolith Studios and mastered by the legendary Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Sepultura). The record drops this week on April 7th via Metal Blade Records and you can pre-order it here.


Harlott wastes absolutely no time getting right down into the action with title track “Extinction”. There is a quite calm, nonchalant intro before those murderous riffs kick in with Kreator-like vocals from Andrew Hudson ripping through the seems of our existence. The double bass of Tim Joyce may cause your heart rate to increase or very fast driving speeds. Lead single “First World Solutions” carries those catchy 80s thrash hooks with another level of speed to give Harlott their own panache. Like any thrash record, this one is filled full of attitude and aggression that will not let you stand still. With a slower intro on “The Penitent”, we are led to believe we may get a change of pace…NOPE! Guitar prodigies Andrew Hudson and Ryan Butler continue the large onslaught of monumental riffage also sprinkling in a few melodic solos before returning to the violence. “Whore” contains a rather obvious theme that you will hear in the lyrical content. It’s one of the most neck breaking songs on ‘Extinction’ as it carries the most fierce pace of the 12 tracks. “Conflict Revelation” is another straight-forward speed track to bounce to. The resonant bass lines from Tomas Richards ring loud in this tune as he moves all across the fretboard working into a sound of sorcery. These guys are so good at their craft that the pandemonium of each track never gets old. “Violent Conspirator” commences rather quietly before erupting into yet another thrash anthem from the band. It is the shortest song on the record but will definitely be a crowd pleaser. Immediately following the shortest track on the record is the longest, “And Darkness Brings the Light”. This sends a more funereal tone from the band as Hudson sings about being depressed and losing the will to live. Of course, this is something that many people are familiar with. Mental health is a big issue for a lot of people, so it’s amazing that a band like this is bringing attention to it with their music. It’s so important to spot mental health problems before they worsen. To try and reduce mental health issues, it might be worth using some CBD oil UK, for example, to see if that helps.

Due to the issues discussed in this song, it is an important one. It is their most diverse track I’ve heard; while still maintaining the classic Harlott sound, they expand on the malicious tone and leave one of their best tracks yet. The track fades out making you wanting more, but fear not! There are still three more slaying tracks left to go on the record. “Final Weapon” clearly reminds me of one of my other favorite thrash bands as it lacerates your brain with the quick paced drum beats made for moshing. The album reaches its coda with “Epitaph” roaring into your speakers about the end of the world, a very fitting to close an album. The mixing is distributed very evenly throughout the album and you can hear everything perfectly. Harlott has once again topped their previous effort and created a thrash work of art that should be in the talks as one of the best modern day thrash albums of this era. You can stream “First World Solutions” and “The Penitent” below via Bandcamp. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook to stay updated for more tour info and music.

Harlott is:
Andrew Hudson – Guitar/Vocals
Jake Weber – Lead Guitar
Tomas Richards – Bass
Tim Joyce – Drums

‘Extinction’ Tracklist
01. Extinction
02. First World Solutions
03. The Penitent
04. Whore
05. No Past
06. Conflict Revelation
07. Better Off Dead
08. Violent Conspirator
09. And Darkness Brings the Light
10. Final Weapon
11. Parasite
12. Epitaph

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