Review: FORESTERR – ‘The Town Dies Screaming’

Foresterr is a noise rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2013, Foresterr is composed of Danny Meigel (Guitar, Vocals), Kevin Sangalang (Drums, percussion) and Geoff Gader (Bass, Vocals). The band’s music is characterized by its unconventional song structure, changes in style, angular guitar riffs & frenzied stage performance that allow it to stand on its own amongst their contemporaries. Foresterr have released 3 EPs this far in their career. The band has just completed their upcoming full-length, ‘The Town Dies Screaming’ produced by Jay Maas (SOMOS, Citizen, State Champs, Title Fight) formerly of Defeater. It was recorded at Getaway Recording in Massachusetts The album is set to release January 27, 2017.

The album begins with a tremendous amount of funk on the song “Smut”, bass lines by Geoff Gader lead us directly into the heart of the track. Danny Meigel’s voice is grungy yet melodic. The band of course is classified as noise rock and you can definitely hear that here. About halfway through the track things break down into a chaotic composition. The chaotic breakdown works for them and creates a rawness to their style. Moving on to the song “Transformer.” This fast paced song showcases Meigel’s flexibility in vocal range. His style goes from a scratchy howl to a beautiful melodic sing along. Again on this track we get moments of groove and the drastic change in tempo keeps you interested in the song from start to finish. The title of the song “Transformer” can also relate to their music, as they seem to adapt to varying tempo, and style changes through a single song. “Jump Your Bones” begins and is more reminiscent of 70’s fuzz rock, and then evolves into so much more. Slowing to a crawl and then accelerating to break neck speeds, the band is proficient at changing the pace of their songs in a matter of seconds. “Circus Dog” really changes things up as the song starts out with Meigel singing beautifully throughout the duration of the track. On previous tracks we have seen transformations and constant change throughout each song, but with this song they keep things pretty straight forward. During portions of the chorus you can hear a blues influence within the song. Foresterr are truly chameleons in the music world. They are only limited to as far as their creativity can take them and from what we’ve heard here the creativity is limitless.

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1. Smut
2. The Town Dies Screaming
3. Luciface
4. 999 barrel
5. Grave Blanket
6. Transformers
7. Jump Your Bones
8. Circus Dog
9. Moonwalker

01/06/17 at Hamminton DAV in Hamminton NJ with Me Versus I
01/07/17 at The Velvet Lounge in Stony Brook NY w/ Pines & Brock Landers
01/12/17 at Alphaville in Brooklyn NY
01/17/17 at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn NY
01/27/17 at Obrien’s in Coram NY ALbum Release Show

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