PAGANIZER Release Upcoming Album Details [New Song Stream]

Swedish death metal masters, PAGANIZER who is pretty famous among the death metal legions has been wrecking chaos ever since they arose from the ashes of TERMINAL GRIP in 1998. They are known to play the trademark and classic Swedish Death Metal, a style which was created by veterans such as Entombed, Morbid, At The Gates etc, and like most if not every Swedish Death Metal band they also encapsulate the essential character of the distinct genre, the buzzsaw guitars. It is the trademark sound of most bands hailing from the viking north. Having released nine full-lengths, two best of/compilation albums, three splits and five EPs, they are ready to pulverize the masses with a tenth studio album, adding in to the ever increasing brutality of their warchest. ‘Land Of Weeping Souls‘, their upcoming tenth installment is ready and recorded and is slated for a summer release, on August 5th, 2017, out via Indian record label, Transcending Obscurity.

PAGANIZER do what they do the best, period. It is so common to see bands change their sound to a more appealing manner as they age but there are bands like this who couldn’t care less about what’s on the trend bandwagon. Straight uptight and pure crushing death metal. The new single off their forthcoming beast, which is titled as ‘Dehumanized’ is one hell of an testament to their sound, the trademark buzzing guitar sound can be heard so clearly, it is something like having a cherry on top of the icing, without it, the taste is a bummer. Rogga Johansson like the genius he is nails his vocals in this as well, roaring off the track from the first second perfectly fitting the fast and chaotic tempo of the song. The song has certain layers of fast and mid tempo sections that adds a flavour much necessary for the listener or else I believe any track without some diversification in it is nothing but a stale approach to its art.

Overall, the guitars, vocals and the pounding drums sound excellent. Fast with fury, ravaging and sounding massive, I can already sense the new album will definitely kick some major ass. With a track like this there is definitely something big and smashing coming out this summer for you.

Land Of Weeping Souls‘ will be out in four different formats along with a cool tee shirt, as follows:

1. ‘Land Of Weeping Souls’ Transparent Green LP (Limited ; 150 copies)

2. ‘Land Of Weeping Souls’ Gold Embossed Box-set (Limited ; 100 copies)

3. ‘Land Of Weeping Souls’  Jewel Case CD (Limited ; 300 copies)

4. ‘Land Of Weeping Souls’ Digital Album.

5. ‘Land Of Weeping Souls’ T-shirt (Limited ; 50)

Pre-order your desired format here.


1. Rogga Johansson – Guitars, Vocals

2. Kjetil Lynghaug – Lead Guitars

3. Matte Fiebig – Drums

4. Martin Klasen – Bass

‘Land Of Weeping Souls’ track listing :

1. Your Suffering Will Be Legendary

2. Dehumanized

3. Forlorn Dreams

4. Land of Weeping Souls

5. The Insanity Never Stops

6. Selfdestructor

7. Death Addicts Posthumous

8. The Buried Undead

9. Soulless Feeding Machine

10. Prey To Death


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