My Last Time Seeing Oli Herbert Perform With ALL THAT REMAINS [Photo Gallery]

All That Remains


I was writing the review for this show when I heard the news of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert’s passing. I had a full review almost completed but after the recent tragic news it was like my whole memory of the night was washed away and all I could recall was Oli shredding away under the lights on stage. 

It was Monday September 17th. One month to the day before Oli’s untimely passing. The crowd in Lexington, Kentucky was pumped as All That Remains took the stage. I’ll will say, it was a killer show from start to finish and that all four bands were firing on all cylinders. There were several highlights in my mind but what stands out for me was Oli during All That Remains set. Even during the set I was mesmerized by his movement and the way he played to the crowd. My eyes were like magnets drawn to him and the way he allowed his personality to shine on stage not knowing this would be the last time I would see Oli perform. This of course wasn’t my first time seeing Oli and All That Remains perform. It was like any other night for Oli and the band. He gave his all on stage every night, every show, every stage big or small. I got photos I was happy with of everyone in all four bands but more so of Oli during All That Remains set. He was great to photograph, played to the camera not only mine but to my friend and fellow photographer Estil as well. Off the stage Oli was always friendly with fans and always posed for pictures with fans in a way that allowed his personality to be seen. I am saddened that I won’t get the opportunity to photograph and see him perform again. He was a great guitarist, showman and from what I’ve read since his passing he a great person as well.
Keep his family and everyone in the All That Remains family if your thoughts.

RIP Oli Herbert.

All That Remains


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