Live Review: AZREAL Live @ Baltimore Soundstage

We recently covered the Bound By The Road Tour which features DevilDriver, Death Angel, Winds Of Plague, The Agonist and Azreal during their stop in Toronto, Canada (See Review Here). Unfortunately, Azreal was unable to make the trek across the border for the Canadian dates of the tour.  We of course was highly looking forward to seeing the Australian based band take the stage. So we caught up with them on another tour stop in Baltimore, Maryland at Baltimore Soundstage on February 20th.


This is the first time Azreal is touring North America. I ran into Luke, the lead singer of the band before the show and had a short conversation with him regarding the band, his tours in Australia and his experience of touring in U.S. The band is a four-piece from the beautiful city of Gold Coast, Australia. It’s easily to define the band by saying they are brutal, but they are so much more than that. They are Loud, thrashy and violent on stage, which as you can imagine leads to a great performance. Contrary to the impression I had of Luke as an easy going bloke from our earlier conversation, the brutality of his showmanship was a standout feature of the show. The riffs were fast, the drums took one hell of a beating and all the while Luke was busy thrashing around the stage with the microphone in hand.  The folks who made it up front, were in for a good treat. Azreal played six songs or so and departed the stage to rousing applause from the crowd. Of course, Azreal was the opening band on this tour stop, but after expieriencing their performance first hand it’s obvious they perform like a headliner. The bands most recent album ‘Premonition’ is a testament to all that is heavy. This is one band I am certainly going to follow in the years to come, and hope that they make another trip to this corner of the world again soon.

If you are near any of the cities along the rest of these tour stops we highly suggest you get your ass out there and see this band live. Tell them Metal Nexus sent you!

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