Edsel Of DOPE “I’m Not Sure That Our Consumer Is Really Built For Albums Anymore.” [Video]

Some bands from the late 90’s and early 2000’s have faded away. Others have made a stale return and then there are bands like Dope who have stayed true to their sound and succeed since their formation. From the very moment in 1999 when I first saw the video for “Everything Sucks” I was hooked. While their were dozens of nu-metal bands already taking over the airwaves Dope had that extra something that others didn’t. One of their keys to success is the lyrics by singer and founder Edsel Dope. The lyrics are some of the most relatable you will ever hear.Any listener can take something away from each and every song. The band is about to release their 6th studio album and the bands first release in 7 years. ‘Blood Money, Part 1’ released on October 28th 2016 via eOne Music. While we eagerly await the release of Part 2 of Blood Money we had the opportunity to speak with Edsel Dope. 

While we were at Blue Ridge Rock Festival we got the chance to speak with Edsel prior to the bands scheduled performance. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to see DOPE on that day as there was some logistical issues on stage that prevented the band from touring to the best of their ability so they cancelled their set. We had the opportunity to speak with Edsel about the Hole and Ministry covers that he has released recently, how fans now have a shorter attention span, how his music has affected fans and much more.

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