Epicenter Festival Spotlight: FEVER 333 [Official Videos]


Fever 333 is one of the most anticipated live bands of the summer. Vocalist Jason Aalon Butler formerly of Letlive is well known as a showman on stage. Having previously saw him perform with his previous band at the inaugural Chicago Open Air fans saw him not only sing with complete perfection but also climb to the top of the scaffolding on the stage approximately 400 feet up in the sky. Everyone eye in the crowd was watching Butler as he ascended to the top still screaming out vocals to the top of his longs. That is just one aspect of what you should expect when seeing him live and in the flesh. Of course he isn’t the only accomplished musician that makes up this stellar group. Following Butler’s Letlive break up, he teamed up with former The Chariot guitarist Stephen Harrison and Night Verses drummer Aric Improta to create Fever 333 in July 2017. The singer also announced in the last few days the formation of his new hardcore band Pressure CracksFever 333 trio quickly signed to Road Runner Records and released their 7 track EP ‘Made An America’. The band has said their focus is on “community, charity, and change” and Butler adds: “The movement is much greater than the music. The art is only a contingent piece. We want to make sure we’re just as involved in the activism and actual activation. By no means do we expect other artists to take on this task. “Most of the people who made big improvements were either assassinated or just called crazy. We make it ostensibly clear that everything we do is in an active effort for change. It’s about bringing back that socio-political mindfulness. We’re trying to write the soundtrack to the revolution that we know is about to happen.” 

The Fever 333

The trio has already completed work on their sophomore album titled ‘Strength in Numb333rs’ which will release on January 18th 2019. They have already released the catchy, fast paced and groove filled single and accompanying official video for “Burn It” (You can watch the video below). If you witnessed the final year of Carolina Rebellion in 2018 you may have caught Fever 333 live as they played early in the day on the Gold stage. Unfortunately they placed the band on a stage that was impossible for anyone to climb so Butler didn’t take his performance to extreme heights. However, he kept things exciting by getting the stage wet and sliding around on the stage and throwing his mic every which way he could. Guitarist Stephen Harrison ran out through the crowd playing his guitar and you could see drummer Aric Improta several times stand up on his seat behind the drums and when his next beat came he’d jump down hitting the snare with a tremendous blow. Fever 333 have a rap rock sound mixed with some melodic moments and their high octane intensity on stage is something you have to witness in person to believe. They released a video for the single “Walking in My Shoes” which is a great introduction to the bands sound. You get this intense rapid pace harsh rap vocal followed by a groove filled melodic chorus. Fever 333 is a band unlike anything else currently in the music world. They are a group of musicians with decades of experience not only creating and composing music but performing it on stage with tremendous passion. With some bands you get amazing original sound but they don’t have a great stage show or vice versa. Fever 333 is the best of both worlds and one of the bands that makes seeing live music so special. Last year their name was in small font and they were the 5th band to perform on Sunday of the festival. For a band that is so exciting and catchy that is pretty damn early to be playing. But, forming less than a year ago is the only reason they were billed lower on the festival lineup. This year you can see they have moved up the ladder and 13 bands take the stage before they do, which is a big step since last year. These musicians are by no means newcomers to music, Butler, Harrison and Improta are veterans that know exactly what they are doing. If you are a fan of LetliveThe Chariot or Night Verses don’t expect this band to be identical to their former band, although you will hear occasional sounds similar to those previous bands. Fever 333 performs at the Epicenter Festival in Rockingham, North Carolina on Sunday May 12th. You can get your tickets for the festival here.



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