DINOSAUR EYELIDS Release Video For “Day Zero” [Video Streaming]


Dinosaur Eyelids have been one of the most revered rock n roll bands in the New Jersey music scene since their formation in 2009. The bands goes about things in a true DIY way and have no released 5 albums. The advise that their musical influences range from Soundgarden to The Replacements to Ween. That is certainly a vast area of influence but so is this bands style and sound. It seems that about anything they set out to conquer they are able to do in stride. With around 100 shows under their belt Dinosaur Eyelids is not only refining their sound in the studio but on the stage as well. Their 2014 album ‘Bypass To Nowhere’ debuted at #1 on WRSU Rutgers Radio and their material has been played on 180 college radio stations across North America. They are like a mixture of Nirvana and Neil Young that creates heartbreaking love songs that sink you to lows and also life stories that uplift you. Dinosaur Eyelids is like the pendulum of life told through rock n roll.


We recently reviewed Dinosaur Eyelids album ‘Left Turn On Red’ which you can read in full here. The band has now released a video from the album titled “Day Zero”. The video captures the bands live performance and “Day Zero” is one of the stand out tracks on the album. It showcases their true rock n roll sound and has those gritty sing along vocals the band is known for. In addition to releasing the video the band has also booked their 100th live show which will take place on March 10th at the Mill Hill Basement in Trenton, New Jersey. This show proves the Dinosaur Eyelids fans in the region highly anticipate their performances and make sure to get out to their shows to support the band. Make sure to check out the video, get out to their shows and you can also hear the entire new album here.




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