BUCKCHERRY Vocalist Josh Todd On Building His New Band “I Wanna Get Away From Buckcherry”! [Audio]

Josh Todd has easily become a household name since Buckcherry’s jaw dropping performance at Woodstock ’99 which propelled them to stardom. Buckcherry has since released 7 studio albums the most recent being 2015’s simply titled ‘Rock N Roll’. Josh also released a solo album in 2003 titled ‘You Made Me’. Not only has the rocking vocalist been on the stage for years but he has also made appearances on screen as well. He was in one of my all time favorite movies The Salton Sea which starred Val Kilmer, Vincent D’Onofrio and Meatloaf. If you haven’t seen this film I highly suggest you check it out. He has also appeared on the shows Bones, The Shield and the movie The Banger Sisters. This year Josh Todd formed a new project named Josh Todd & The Conflict. The band has a heavier style than what he has done with Buckcherry and it’s a in your face rock n roll style that instantly gets your blood pumping. The band released their debut album ‘Year of the Tiger’ on September 15, 2015 by Century Media Records. The album was co-produced by guitarist Stevie D and Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz. The album also includes a cover of the Prince song “Erotic City”. Josh Todd & The Conflict are currently on tour through the end of November, so if they are coming to a venue near you I highly suggest you get out their and witness this band live. Below you can see the video for one of the bands singles “Fucked Up”. You can also check out the videos “Rain” and the title track “Year Of The Tiger” as well.


On this weeks episode of Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast host Joshua Toomey welcomed the man himself Josh Todd. During this interview they talked about the sound that he was striving for with the new project and the differences between it and Buckcherry.Thought the new project did play some Buckcherry songs when they first started performing but are only playing Josh Todd & The Conflict material moving forward. On building the sound and style of the new band he stated “I wanna get away from Buckcherry”, and explained that he wanted to build the brand for Josh Todd & The Conflict no matter what its going to take. Josh also talks about growing up in Orange County, California and his foundation and influence starting with punk rock and his first band Slam Hound was in that same style and he wanted to have two bands and have something more in the genre that he grew up with. He talks about the inspiration behind the song “Rain” and how he wanted the stomp claps similar to what Queen did in “We Will Rock You”. Going back to his punk rock roots he stated that he really related to Minor Threat’s album ‘Out Of Step’ stating “It was almost as if I wrote the lyrics”.




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