Bourbon & Beyond Festival Spotlight: LUKAS NELSON AND PROMISE OF THE REAL

Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real will be one of the up coming acts at this years Bourbon and Beyond. Bourbon and Beyond has a new home. It is still in Louisville, Kentucky of course, but will call a new festival grounds home. This year, Bourbon and Beyond will take place at the Highland Festival Grounds at the Kentucky Expo. The previous location, Champions Park, had a terrible flood last year and day 2 of Bourbon and Beyond was cancelled. However, to make up for that, Bourbon and Beyond is now a 3-day festival. This means an additional day of bands, bourbon and best friends! How awesome is that? This will be Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real’s debut at the Bourbon and Beyond Festival. If you have never heard this band before, prepared to be amazed! With that said, let’s discuss Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real.

Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real are a country rock group from the Los Angeles area of California. Now when I say Nelson, does that ring a bell? It should. Lukas Nelson is the son of country music icon, Willie Nelson. That’s only one of many reasons to check out Lukas Nelson. Another would be his tremendous guitar playing. Piece of advice to all of Bourbon and Beyond, be sure you wear fireproof suits for his set because Lukas Nelson will be on fire with his masterful guitar skills! Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real have a mellow sound, mixing country, blues and southern rock. This band will be sure to impress! Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real will have you wanting to drop the tailgate on a starry summer night. Very easy guitar tones, deep bass grooves, solid drumming, a beautiful steel guitar, an all-around graceful band. One thing to note, Lukas sounds very similar to his dad. He has that recognizable Willie Nelson voice, but with slightly more twang to his voice. Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real got their start with an EP called “Live Beginnings” which was sold at shows only. This led to a 9-day tour opening for Willie Nelson and then a 2-week tour opening for B.B. King. Then came their first studio EP “Brando’s Paradise Sessions” and a year later, their debut studio album, “Promise of The Real” (2010). Since 2015, Promise of The Real has been Neil Young’s backing band as well. They have recorded 2 studio albums “The Monsanto Years” (2015) and “The Visitor” (2017), a soundtrack album “Paradox” (2018) and a live album “Earth” (2016). All recorded with Neil Young. Promise of The Real has a new studio album out called “Turn off The News (Build a Garden)” (2019). Lukas Nelson also recorded a version of “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” with Shooter Jennings, Waylon Jennings son, for the Netflix series “The Ranch”. So, please be sure not to miss this fantastic performance the first day of Bourbon and Beyond, Friday, September 20th. Get your tickets here.


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