BEHEMOTH Unveils Teaser Of New Tune, But You Gotta Recite A Prayer First!

As bands think of unique ways to tease their fans with new music, BEHEMOTH has done the extra ordinary in offering the first preview of new music today. So, the Polish death metallers have a new album coming out very soon, and today, in the words of the band themselves, you have to “pledge your allegiance to BEHEMOTH by reciting a prayer to receive a gift.” Turns out the gift here is the much awaited, first contact of the snippet of a new BEHEMOTH tune from their forthcoming album. It’s simple and cool, recite the prayer and have your “gift” bestowed onto you by the unholy gods of Polish death metal.

Few days back the band revealed the blasphemous artwork for the new album, which you can see above, on their socials with an even more profane caption that read, “GOD=DOG | Soon“. The pious and religious must be offended at the mere of sight of it, just how Nergal likes them to be.

All you have to do is go to this website, behemoth church. And as soon as you enter the unholy church, you’ll see a countdown timer in roman numerals ticking backwards, most probably suggesting the unmasking of the first single in its entirety from the album, maybe on Thursday or Friday. As Nergal stares down at your soul with those smoky eyes holding an infant, you have to earn the preview by clicking below to recite a prayer on the designated link. Once you agree to do so, you’ll have to give access to the site to your microphone and recite the prayer as it appears on screen. Once you spew those venomous words out, the site presents you with the teaser.

It’s an ingenious little piece of web design and was probably quite a bit of work to engineer and pull off. Not every amateur web developer can program a mini-karaoke type setup on the fly, they would probably have to find a website designer with the knowhow. But who knows, with a result as memorable as the one from BEHEMOTH, we may see other bands coming up with memorable experiences like this one for their websites or album previews too. We’ll be looking forward to that for sure!

As for the preview itself, the music is ambient and you can hear… You know what?! I am not going to spill the beans for you right here. Just go ahead and start praying in the behemoth church here and find out for yourselves. How about that?!

Isn’t this the coolest teaser ever? Get ready for the new BEHEMOTH, we seriously can’t wait anymore!

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