Steve “Skinny” Felton (MUSHROOMHEAD) “It’s Very Easy to Try to Hide Your Abilities With a Gimmick”

Joining Joshua Toomey as this week’s interview guest for Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast is Mushroomhead founder/drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton. Their conversation covers a number of fascinating topics including the band’s open-door policy, the time-consuming process of mask-making, onstage theatrics, 90’s bands that should not be overlooked, and much more.

Felton admits he still hasn’t quite been able to understand the mass appeal of a band like Ghost‘s music yet, but says, “They’ve done some pretty cool things as far as the look, the anonymity to it … To me some of that stuff is pretty clever.” He continues, however, by cautioning, “It’s very easy to try to hide your abilities with a gimmick.”

Steve “Skinny” Felton is a founding member of the Cleveland-based band Mushroomhead. Felton came up in the Cleveland scene with former band Hatrix along with Jeff “Nothing” Hatrix and other members of Mushroomhead. Felton is one of the longest standing member of Mushroomhead. The band created stage personas with masks and costumes to distinguish themselves from the other projects members were doing. Along with Hatrix and Mushroomhead, Felton is also an active member of the groove metal supergroup Scelestus with Tommy Church (End of All, Purgatory, Mushroomhead) and Jason Popson (Pitch Black Forecast, 10,000 Cadillacs, Mushroomhead).

Check out the entire podcast episode, including the full interview with Steve “Skinny” Felton below.

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