Beasto Blanco, The Buddz, American Dropouts Slay In Tennessee! [Review & Photo Gallery]


Beasto Blanco

I find myself back in Johnson City for what promises to be a great night of Rock N Roll! It’s a short 2.5 hour drive to The Hideaway which is next door to Capone’s were I was photographing two nights before. The Hideaway is a 150 person, standing room only venue, a very intimate setting to see a band like Beasto Blanco! I’d venture a guess and say this is probably the smallest venue they are playing on this tour.

American Dropouts

The opening bands are both local bands, first up American Dropouts from right here in Johnson City and then The Buddz from just down the road in Bristol, TN. Not being from the area I wasn’t familiar with either band but this enthusiastic crowd was!  American Dropouts and The Buddz had this crowd worked up after both bands put on super sets! Those of us in attendance were ready for Beasto Blanco!

The Buddz

The Buddz really has that early 2000’s rock feel that takes you back. Their performance gives you those nostalgic feeling about music that has nearly vanished from popular music, however they do it well and make us eagerly await each song. The band recently released their new video for “Crazy” and while the band does lend some influence from bands of yesterday they also have a modern touch that makes their music completely their own. On stage or on the album they truly inspire you to want to hear more.

Beasto Blanco

After a short break to ready the stage the lights went off and we knew it was time for Beasto Blanco! The Band took the stage and tore right into “Beasto Blanco” then ”Ready To Go”. Band sounded and looked great! Only problem was the stage lights never came back on! From a photographers point of view that was the kiss of death for pictures. So I apologize for the images not being up to my standards, but enough of that, back to the show. Beasto Blanco is Chuck Garric, Brother Latham, Jan LeGrow, Tim Husung and Calico Cooper (Alice Cooper’s Daughter) together they form a killer band! A band that is tight musically and put on a helluva live show! That stage presence was on full display, albeit a bit muted tonight because the stage was small and the ceiling was close. That didn’t stop Calico from working back and forth with a spiked baseball bat, a Beasto Blanco flag and various other items. The entire band was in constant motion! “Death Rattle” “I Rise” and a super cover of Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankenstein” were all some of my personal favorites from the show and are also on 2016’s self-titled album ‘Beasto Blanco’. They brought their 14 song set to an end with “Breakdown”. With that a very cool, kick ass show came to an end. The band hung out, signed merch and took pictures with the fans that stayed around.

As always get out and support these touring bands, get out and support your local bands! Buy the music and the merchandise!

On a personal note I’d like to thank my friend and fellow photographer Paul Mashburn for trying to help me get some shots. He had his phone’s flashlight on, pointing at the band trying to get me any light to use. The light was that bad! Thank you again Paul!


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