Approximately 10 Year Old SOILENT GREEN Stash Found!

Most of us metalheads have one thing in common when it comes to collecting things. The large majority of us collect band shirts, and the more rare or obscure the better right? Say no more… PM Star Promotions owner and Soilent Green/Goatwhore vocalist Ben Falgoust have found the motherload of rarities when it comes to shirts. PM Star Promotions which is mostly known for designing and printing custom band merch for bands such as Crowbar, Goatwhore, Superjoint, etc as well as making custom skatedecks for Saint Vitus, Ride For Dime, A Killers Confession. PM Star is starting a new online store where bands can sell older merch and left over tour merch and unique one of kind custom drum heads, skate decks, signed swag.

Patrick (owner) of PM Star Promotions tells us “It was a cool thing to do…. All my friends would get back from tour with left over shirts and merch just laying around… Fans that couldn’t make it out to a show, wanted tour merch but had no way to get it. This makes it great for the fans and easy for the bands to sell a little merch between tours…”
Ben Falgoust the vocalist of Soilent Green unearthed these shirts and hoodies from the dark depths of his storage shed. The band’s last release was 2008’s ‘Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction’. The time frame in which these shirts come from is between 2004 and 2011. These shirts will never be printed again and once they’re gone, they’re gone…. 5 Classic designs like “Sewn Mouth Secrets” and “Revolver” shirts and 3 hoodie designs that have been out of print for 10+ years… A few *Rare* items like “Antioxidant” lyric shirt and 2009 HELLFEST shirts which were never sold in the states. The dust has been cleaned off the boxed from years of age, and the brand new shirts are waiting to be worn. Get these while you can, they won’t last long…

You can view and purchase the shirts here


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