Album Review: Final Drive – ‘Dig Deeper’ [Album Stream]

Final Drive is a St. Louis based thrash metal band. Their new album was released on February 3rd 2017 and was produced by Charlie Bellmore (Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow) mixed by Nicky Bellmore (Dexter’s Lab Studio, Toxic Holocaust) and mastered by Zeuss  (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed).  ‘Dig Deeper’ is the follow up to the bands 2011 release ‘Lifes Work’ (also a great record). Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get this review started!

Right out of the gate I must say, I love this record. The band has yet again shown what they’re capable of but with a large evolutionary step forward. You really get the sense that the band has really found their sound on this record and it leaves me excited for future releases. There are a few heavy hitters on this record. One being the opening track entitled “This is How”. This is How you do a thrash song (see what I did there?). It’s got aggression, speed and just enough chug to keep the party going. Vocally, a well rounded track. The screams alone send chills down my spine in this track. When the song gets going full speed Singer Jordan Gaw screams at a great fast pace to match the instrumentals. Not to mention the high screams towards the end. Incredible. Another banging track on this record is “Built to Break”. This is my personal favorite. The track never really takes the pedal off the metal. Pure thrash at its finest. Brace your neck for some headbanging. The last track were going to talk about is “The Last Time”. This is the most diverse track on the record. Cleans and screams throughtout, combine into a nice package that shows what Jordan Gaw can do. It’s a fantastic show case that the band can also “slow” it down to a more rocky sound but still keep it heavy. The three songs we talked about are conviently, the first three songs on the album. That just goes to show how strong of an effort Final Drive put into this record. The sheer level of evolution the band shows compared to their last effort is just amazing. It leaves lots of excitement and wonder of things to come.

Track List

  1. This Is How
  2. Built To Break
  3. The Last Time
  4. Six Feet Down
  5. Want It All
  6. Life Decided
  7. Follow The Curse
  8. Beneath Us
  9. Of A Killer
  10. Black Out

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