An Interview With RUSTY SHIPP [Audio]


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Rusty Shipp is one of the most unique bands that you will ever hear. The band is based in the land locked city of Nashville, but they are a nautical rock band. Formed in 2014 the band has released ‘Mortal Ghost’ which was seen by many to be one of the top albums of 2017 and the band has much more to offer. They plan on releasing a few more singles prior to putting out another record. Once you hear the groove and intelligent lyrics that put in their songs you will instantly become a fan.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with 3 members of Nashville’s nautical rockers Rusty Shipp. The vocalist and namesake member of the band Rusty Shipp. Elijah Apperson – Lead Guitar and AJ Newton – Drums. The guys talk to us about being part of the music community in Nashville, and the inspiration for their nautical sound. Rusty Shipp also puts a lot of time and effort into their lyrics and we talk about their inspiration and the time and thought process they put into their songs. Rusty Shipp also has some tour dates coming up North of Nashville, so make sure to get out and see these guys as they sail away on tour. You can listen to the entire interview below as well as two of my favorite tracks by the band.








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