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Introduction by Dragon:

Hatebreed is an institution when it comes to both the U.S. and global Hardcore/Metal/Crossover scenes as the band itself is closing in on it’s 25th anniversary come 2019. They have championed those scenes constantly while reinforcing notions about the strength of the individual, the power of self-reliance, and the inevitable victory that is achieved by one’s actions through their pureness of heart and durability of will. “Strength” in every sense of the word is always the take-away from Hatebreed as this iconic band prepares to release their seventh album “The Concrete Confessional” via Nuclear Blast on May 13th. The band is also preparing to hit the road across the U.S. with DevilDriver, Act Of Defiance, and Devil You Know soon and with all of that in mind, Metal Nexus reached out to Hatebreed guitarist Frank Novinec to ply us with a bit of his time and experience in the following interview. For those of that don’t know, Frank Novinec is an icon himself since his earlier work in bands such as Integrity, Ringworm, and Terror which, alongside his tenure in Hatebreed, all testify to what an expressive artist and figure he is so without further ado, let’s breakdown and break loose with Hatebreed guitarist Frank Novinec.



Interview by Metal NexusJettBlack:

Metal Nexus – Hatebreed is preparing to release it’s seventh album “The Concrete Confessional”..20 plus years since their inception, 10 years since you joined the band..what is the key to Hatebreed’s longevity in your opinion?

Frank Novinec:
Perseverance and smart business decisions. Learning from other bands mistakes and just continuing to be Hatebreed. It wouldn’t be right for a band like us to not deliver to the fans what brought them there in the first place.

Metal Nexus: With the release of the album imminent, some major touring soon…how is everyone’s mindset in Hatebreed currently?

Frank Novinec: We are really ready to get back on the road. With the cancellation of Australia’s Soundwave Festival, we have done 4 shows in the past 8 months, (coming from a band that used to do 300 shows a year); this is the longest break in the history of Hatebreed from the road. It’s go time.

Hate TCC

Metal Nexus: Why do you think Hatebreed continues to resonate so well with music fans and garner the huge support that it does?

Frank Novinec: I think people in the metal community that have embraced this band feel a certain bond to the “personable” vibe we put out there. Like they are one with us and were not just some rock stars up on the stage being bothered by having to play to them.  Our lyrics and message have helped a lot of people through hardships, even if you’re not into the band fully, you have to respect that.

Metal Nexus: How do you see the current state of Hardcore in the U.S. and elsewhere…is it thriving? Perhaps not…or what (your opinion of it)? And how has it changed since you first got involved in it?

Frank Novinec: I think there are a lot of micro scenes within the scene, it’s all rock and roll to me, there’s no need to divide. We’re already the ones who are outcasts of society and what is supposed to be “normal”. Also nowadays, it’s the internet and downloading, that wasn’t a part when the band started. It was fanzines, “snail mail”, tape trading. I miss it. I miss the record stores for sure. They are disappearing quickly.

Metal Nexus: What would you consider to be some of the biggest misconceptions about the Hardcore (or Metal) scene in general?

Frank Novinec: I guess that it’s all negativity. It’s not about “killing your parents” and “burning down the school”. People seem to think it lacks talent because of all the noise and screaming, when in reality, chances are the music that they are listening to requires zero talent. It’s an “auto tune/pro tools” world now.

Metal Nexus: What would you say is one of your best stand-out memories of your time in Hatebreed so far (an event, experience, etc.)?

Frank Novinec: Being direct support for KISS at Graspop Festival. Playing onstage with Blue Oyster Cult, being a part of a little hardcore band from the basements of America to something that has sold millions of records, had a Grammy nomination, and traveled the globe… lots of things I suppose.

Hatebreed & KISS
Metal Nexus:
Your musical pedigree with such bands as Hatebreed, Ringworm, Integrity, Terror, etc. is stellar…what is your biggest “take away” from that? What would you hope fans of your/the music take away from that legacy?

Frank Novinec: Start a band; go see the world with your friends. Life is too short. I hope that kids still dig and check out the bands. It’s amazing we’re able to immortalize ourselves in a way. I’ve been lucky, I am proud of my roster, that’s for sure.

Metal Nexus: It’s tradition to close our Interviews with an open forum…anything you’d like to say, state, share, or whatever, here is your opportunity...

Frank Novinec: Get the new Hatebreed, there’s something for everyone on there! Thanks for the support!


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