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Greetings and salutations. Call me Fist, I'm a proud Kentuckian and I've used metal to help me get through the suffering of living in the bible belt. I am an encyclopedia of metal. I'm a fan of all types of metal. My main goal here is to help people find more music they will fall in love with. Hope you enjoy our words! \m/

TORCHE Perform “Admission” On Late Night With Seth Meyers [Video]

The four piece that is Torche made their late night television debut on Wednesday, Aug. 14, performing “Admission” on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The appearance follows the July release of the band’s fifth album, Admission, via Relapse Records. The 11-song album has been met with widespread critical acclaim since the albums release on July 12th.

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Prepare yourself for one of the most entertaining tour lineups of the year. These bands, one of which is inspired by McDonald’s and Black Sabbath and the other is dedicated to The Simpson’s favorite Christian neighbor Ned Flanders aren’t all comedy; they are also talented musicians that dominate the stage in every way possible. While these acts are comical just to think about in the way they are themed they take their music seriously and are made up of talented musicians. Continue reading

Louder Than Life Festival Spotlight: THE PINK SLIPS [Official Videos]

Welcome back to our ongoing series of LOUDER THAN LIFE 2019 artist profiles, our weekly guide through the lineup of acts who’ll take the stage at Louisville, Kentucky’s Highland Festival Grounds at Kentucky Expo Center September 27-29 in what’s sure to be one of the biggest concert events of the year. This week, we’re taking a closer look at the Los Angeles based synth-punk band The Pink Slips.


Louder Than Life is bringing a wide variety of musical genres to Louisville, Kentucky this year. From Celtic punk rock and hair metal to southern sludge and the synth-punk rockers The Pink Slips. Formed in 2013 in the City Of Angels aka Los Angeles The Pink Slips have been building their sound and their fan base along the way. The band cut their teeth in legendary Hollywood venues like The Troubadour and the Viper Room, well before the band’s members could legally drink at the bar. The Pink slips is led by vocalist Grave aka Grace McKagan the daughter of Guns N Roses bassist Duff McKagan. Duff has also showcased his vocal talents on his side project Loaded, and he is also a member of several other talents bands like Velvet Revolver, Hollywood Vampires and various others. So it’s easy to that musical talent courses through her veins. The remainder of the band is filled out with Trent Peltz on keyboard and backing vocals, Keenan Bevans behind the drum kit and Desi Scaglione  on guitar. Continue reading

PhD in Heavy Metal Music: Australian University

The University of Newcastle, Australia, has always been an attractive place for young Aussies to study. With the announcement that it would offer a PhD program in heavy metal, it became cooler than ever. This is one of the best universities in the country, which consistently ranks among the top 10. To get such recognition for heavy metal music is awesome, but expected as well.

The problem with this genre is that it rarely gains recognition among scholars. People want to learn more about it. There are many passionate musicians who would love to study heavy metal from an academic point of view. But so far, they haven’t had such a chance.

The PhD program at the University of Newcastle will be supported by a scholarship, and it will be available for two domestic and one international candidate.

This is a highly challenging program. The candidates have to be ready to approach heavy metal music with a studious and serious attitude. They will have to write a research proposal and an actual PhD dissertation. But hey; at least the topic will be fun and they will be required to listen to music while writing.

About the Program

Professor Simon Springer is the person in charge of the program, which will be conducted under the direction of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies. This Centre is committed to research on complex political, cultural, social, economic, and environmental policies and relations that transform regions and cities.

The scholarship program is not specifically focused on heavy metal music. It’s open to those who want to study the “Geographies of Homelessness, Veganism, Unschooling, or Heavy Metal Music.” We’ll have to admit: all these niches sound cool, but who could resist studying heavy metal at university?
The deadline for applications is 15 August 2019. You better hurry up! The successful scholars will start their studies between 01 January 2020 and 31 August 2020.

Two domestic students will receive an annual living allowance of $27,596. The scholarship for one international student will also cover the cost of tuition fees (that’s not necessary for domestic Aussie students, since the Research Training Program covers their tuition).

The course will be mostly focused on the geography of heavy metal. As a global music phenomenon, the genre and its subgenres represent unique subcultures and unique scenes. Australia, despite its distance from the geographical heart of the culture, has deep connections with the countries it originated from.

The researchers who gain this scholarship will focus on exploring the relationship between Australian heavy metal and colonialism, the lyrical themes in Aussie metal bands, the cultural diversity within the heavy metal scene, gender issues, and many other concepts that turn the genre into something worthy of academic research.

How Do You Qualify?

This is the hard part. You need at least a BA Honours degree to apply for the program. The candidates with an MA degree in Geography or a related field will have a priority during the selection process. The related fields include Political Science, Media Studies, International Studies, Sociology, etc. To apply for the program, you need to send your CV and a research proposal to Professor Simon Springer’s email.

Since the application deadline is coming close, you might consider the option to ask for proposal writing help. Giving up is not an option when the opportunity is so attractive. If you collaborate with a professional writer, researcher or editor, you might have that proposal done on time. It’s just a preliminary project that would set the track of your PhD dissertation.

Are You Interested?

Heavy metal music doesn’t get too much recognition in the stiff world of academic studies. They are focused on classical music and modern sounds that appeal to the general masses. We’re finally seeing a reputable university offering a great program that would advance the research and knowledge in this field. This PhD program will help us understand the origins of metal music, and the way the Australian subculture is influenced by colonialism and other factors.

If you’re ready to approach the genre with such a studious mindset, you might be the perfect candidate for the program. It’s a scholarship offer, so the least you could do is try.

BIO: Connie Elser is a writer, researcher, and editor for her own blogs. She maintains several online projects on music, culture, and film. Connie is committed to getting more people involved in the world of music, and she chose blogging as a way to achieve that goal.

NARCOTIC WASTELAND Feat. Former NILE Frontman Dallas Toler-Wade Kicks Off Tour!


Extreme metal four-piece Narcotic Wasteland – the full-time project of former Nile frontman Dallas Toler-Wade – hit the stage in Columbus, OH tomorrow, launching a 20+ city North American tour supporting San Diego Death Metal band Pathology on select dates. Select dates will also feature support from Contrarian and Malignancy. Continue reading

Veteran Lead-Singers on Vocalists In General [Video]

Every once in while we get to hear an opinion of specific singer on individuality of another. Most of the time these are personal love or hate comments. However, frontmen rarely getting asked about what they think of vocalists in general. In this article three well-known non-rock’n’roll cliché lifestyle vocalists talk about people of their profession.

Maynard James Keenan

Despite having a lot of impatient yet loyal fanbase, MJK has always been a sarcastic, cynical and honest person. In spite of having three successful bands (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer) he is also well-known for his passion to a viticulture. In documentary about his journey in the world of winemaking “Blood Into Wine” he shared his thoughts on the music industry. He explained the vicious career circle of regular famous musicians and singers in particular.

The problem with the music industry in general is that artists get into it because they have a desire to be desired and they have desire to scream their heads off for whatever issue happened to them in the past… They weren’t armed with proper tools to move through any trauma… What they do is scream their heads off. And at some point they get popular. Now they are part of the industry that is rum by people who are uneducated, emotional people. In the way it’s kinda dead-end in this society we expect those artists to continue screaming to the end of their days . If you don’t eventually feel better, I’m not sure how effective your screaming was and how your screaming will help somebody else… I didn’t necessary want to scream my whole life. If the songs don’t help me, how are they gonna help you?”

Mike Patton

Audience knows Patton as a lively, strange, diverse, 6-octave voice multi genre musician with numerous side-projects behind his back. Mike Patton always had attitude to collaborate with different musicians. That being said, his desire and experience of working with musicians makes him a credible source of information.

The interview was recorded around 1992-1993, after Faith No More’s “Angel Dust” release. By that time FNM toured with such acts as ZZ Top, Billy Idol, White Snake, Guns’n’Roses, Metallica, Beastie Boys and many others. Mike states the following

I think singers and guitar players are the fucking stupidest most overrated piece of the band. Singers are horrible. They just want to pat themselves on the back and be heard. Maybe a lot of singers have been ignored as children or something… but the same goes for guitar players!”

Henry Rollins

In the light of events after death of Kurt Cobain, iconic punk-rock vocalist Henry Rollins was interviewed about the suicide of legendary Nirvana frontman. In his commentary Rollins spoke about realities successful musicians have to face in their career. Because of the tragedy of grunge musician, unlike vocalists mentioned previously, Henry talks about the subject in almost empathetic way.

I think maybe in the situation where all these people want a peace of you where you’re being pursued by tabloid newspapers… To be in these weird situations might drive one to extremes… When that around you so excessive: the money, the attention, the hype, the hysteria… perhaps something in your own life might rise to that occasion and that might get out of your control. Also a lot of people they’re brilliant. They are very sensitive and perhaps they’re not ready for the brutality of the mass acceptance.”

About the Author:

Zack Hargrove is a professional editor. Most of his topics are dedicated to music, rock scene and unusual ways of strengthening your scientific curiosity. He is also willing to assist anyone with coding help. You can always find him on Twitter @zackhargrovejr.

Louder Than Life Festival Spotlight: DED [Official Videos]

Welcome back to our ongoing series of LOUDER THAN LIFE 2019 artist profiles, our weekly guide through the lineup of acts who’ll take the stage at Louisville, Kentucky’s Highland Festival Grounds at Kentucky Expo Center September 27-29 in what’s sure to be one of the biggest concert events of the year. This week, we’re checking out DED.*

If you haven’t had a chance to hear or see the band DED you have truly been hiding from all the good things in the world. The band released their Fred Durst directed video for “Anti-Everything” in March of 2017 and it was like a haymaker to the metal world waking us up from the same old generic regurgitated metal we have had for years. DED had a fresh new sound that re-awakened the nu-metal scene and had everyone screaming for more. The band formed in Phoenix, AZ in 2016 with the goal of putting listeners on edge. They have achieved various other goals in the process as well. The band has been one of the best up and coming bands of the past couple years and has helped revive the nu-metal scene that once was considered endangered. Over the course of their first year they have took the music scene by storm with their first two singles. They were collecting fans from all over the world even prior to their album dropping. Their live performances and EP led to a quick amount of success including shows with Beartooth, Atreyu, Every Time I Die, and then a massive tours with Korn and Stone Sour. They will be one of the must see bands at this years Louder Than Life Festival performing on Sunday September 29th. Of course the lads are no stranger to festival stages and have previously played Carolina Rebellion and played Epicenter’s inaugural year this year, Chicago Open Air, Shiprocked, Rock Allegiance, Revolution Rock Fest, Rocklahoma, Aftershock, Knotfest, and they are also Louder Than Life veterans after performing on the festival in 2017.

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Scott Ian Lewis (CARNIFEX) “What’s In My Bag” At Nuclear Blast HQ! [Video]


In less than 2 weeks, San Diego, California-based metal outfit CARNIFEX will release their 7th studio album, ‘World War X’ on August 2nd via Nuclear Blast. CARNIFEX is currently a headliner on this year’s highly anticipated Summer Slaughter Tour in support of ‘World War X.’  Catch the full line-up which includes CATTLE DECAPITATIONTHE FACELESS. RIVERS OF NIHIL, NEKROGOBLIKON, and BRAND OF SACRIFICE. Continue reading