What Are the Rules of Solitaire FreeCell Game and How to Play It Online for Free?

Many of those who love to play Solitaire are fond of the original classic variant. But that is too old a technique as of now. It remained a popular game for more than 30 years but soon enough with the advent of Windows 3.0, gamers and bettors started finding new ways to play and have even more excitement and fun. Therefore, dozens of new variations were created and one of them was FreeCell. Moreover, it has become one of the most popular Solitaire card games of all time.

FreeCell requires the same 52 cards but they are dealt face-up instead of face-down. Also, it has some empty cells that will help in building sequences and foundations. You can use a physical deck of cards to play it or refer to websites that offer Solitaire online. In any case, the rules are the same, and these are provided below.

How to Play FreeCell?

Solitaire Masters Online whirls around creating four piles in the foundation area, one pile for each suit. Cards in each of them should be arranged in ascending order starting with the Ace ending with the King. Here are the most important rules to go through the whole process:

  • All the cards should be placed one by one into 8 rows face up. Above them, there will be 8 empty cells. Four of them are called free cells and the other four are for the foundation piles.
  • Now look for the Aces of the four suits and try to move them in the foundations as soon as possible.
  • Start creating sequences and putting the cards in the needed order by transferring the top cards of each pile to other columns. One important thing is that the cards should be in alternating color. For example, you can place red 5 on black 6.
  • The four free cells will assist you in gaining deeper access into the 8 columns. It is just a help when you have no arrangements. It will allow you to move the cards and open the way to the Aces.
  • Winning: You win the game when you have all the foundations filled with cards in the right order.

Free FreeCell

Unlike classic Solitaire, there are very few websites that offer this FreeCell game for free. For instance, you can play this mode at Solitaire Masters. Since it’s a web version, it is playable on any browser or devices. However, you can also download an app for Android or iOS. Speaking of this application, it has several more types of Solitaire as well, so you won’t get bored with it.


FreeCell is one of the most popular free Spider Solitaire Masters of all time. It can help you kill time with the best engagement if you have the rules mugged up. Notice, that your skills in building strategies and attentiveness are highly needed to achieve success. Visit websites with this game or get the app, and you won’t regret it!

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