Virtual Reality Industry: The Future of Dating


Imagine that any distance has lost its boundaries, desires have been instantly fulfilled, and all the beauties of the world have become available by simply pressing a button or two. The idea of ​​virtual reality has been thrilling people for many years, but only in the past few years, the world has gotten close to it. Trends hint that a full-fledged virtual world appears soon. So, what will dating look like?

Let’s start with a definition. Well, virtual reality is a computer-generated three-dimensional environment with which the user can interact, fully or partially immersing in it.

Inability to have physical contacts

Physical contact is important in relationships. But there is a barrier that is very difficult to deal with in the virtual world. Without it, you will not be able to feel people you like or react to their facial expressions and watch small movements that need to be seen for understanding. Also, the public is very interested in the possibility of the existence of VR sex. Do you know that virtual physical contact can be interesting? Love in VR can become very realistic and romantic, full of positive emotions. When dating a foreign woman in VR, men understand that appearance and sex are far from the most important things in relationships. In virtual reality, people rely on common interests, communication, and mutual understanding with their interlocutors.

Moreover, avatars should give the most accurate picture of a person so that there is no embarrassment. And for this, it is necessary to use as many feelings as possible; otherwise, there can be no true love. Although there is already talk about how people can use pheromones and spread in VR. And here it gets scary because both researchers and ordinary people fear that virtual reality will only push people towards isolation and disunity. Others argue that VR is a tool that, on the contrary, will help people in establishing relationships because it only deepens the connection and accelerates the movement of people towards love.

Digital love

For virtual reality, there is nothing difficult about helping people maintain and develop relationships in the digital space because all users can fulfill their fantasies together. This exhilarating shared experience will take virtual relationships to the next level. VR creates new sensations, stories, and memories. Two people begin to study each other, virtually travel around the world (even to the places that don’t exist), and so on. By providing an opportunity to experience this connection and emotion, virtual reality can be a much more powerful tool for developing relationships.

True love in the virtual world

Some respected experts seriously believe that love in the virtual space has several advantages over traditional love. If this form seems unnatural to someone, then you should understand that it is a completely logical continuation of the situation in which we are already. A long time ago, people fell in love with each other through correspondence. Nowadays, thanks to messengers and smartphones, we can see who we write to. We can chat with any person. But we can’t touch each other. This is a negative side, of course, and the exciting moment of the meeting ceases to be so longed for. Anyway, there is some kind of mystery. But dating sites have already stated that by 2040, we will be able to smell pheromones and touch the shoulders of potential soulmates. Virtual reality can be a technology that erases distances, bringing the real to the virtual to cultivate love.

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