World’s Loudest Month Spotlight: TURNSTILE

*Every Wednesday from now until Rock On The Range and Carolina Rebellion we will be showcasing an artist playing the festivals to help you get to know them a little better.  This week, we’re checking out Turnstile – a hardcore quintet from Baltimore, MD!*

The running theme so far for this year’s upcoming summer festivals is that May is going to be the loudest month of the year, and with some really unbelievable lineups that statement is sure to be true.  However, the loudest month of the year wouldn’t be complete without giving the hardcore kids something to move to!  Well fear not, ladies and gentlemen, and prepare to throw down with Turnstile at Rock on the Range and Carolina Rebellion!  With a fresh album release, ‘Time & Space’, these guys are primed to destroy the stage and throw one up for the hardcore scene.

Turnstile is made up of Brendan Yates (vocals), Franz Lyons (bass), Daniel Fang (Drums), Brady Ebert (guitar), and Pat McCrory (guitar) and has released 2 LPs (2015’s ‘Nonstop Feeling’ and 2018’s ‘Time & Space’) as well as 3 EPs (2011’s ‘Pressure to Succeed’, 2013’s ‘Step 2 Rhythm’, and 2016’s ‘Move Thru Me’). Turnstile has gained quite a bit of notoriety over the years, sharing the stage with a number of big names in the hardcore scene and contribute much of their success to live shows as noted in an excerpt taken from the band’s Facebook Bio:

“Having shared the stage with bands like Bane, Trapped Under Ice, Title Fight, Backtrack, and many more, Turnstile has continued to travel and grow. As many attendees to these events can attest, Turnstile is a group that when they play live, no one can sit still. The spirit of Turnstile’s music is constantly creating converts by their vital and overpowering live shows.”

If you’re a fan of raw, energetic, off-the-wall hardcore music that still maintains the melodic aspects, Turnstile does not disappoint.  Keep up with all the Turnstile happenings on social media and the band’s official website and be sure to catch them at a show near you!  The band has several tour dates listed, as well as links to purchase tickets.  As if Carolina Rebellion and Rock on the Range weren’t going to be loud enough, Turnstile comes forward to drive the final nail in the coffin and take over the summer one city at a time.  See you in the pit!


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