VULVODYNIA Announces New Album ‘Mob Justice’ & Releases Title Track ”Mod Justice”!

After releasing their ground breaking album back in 2016 called ‘Psychosadistic Design’ Vulvodynia finally decided to get another one rolling and so far it is looking like the nastiest thing I have heard so far!

While the entire album ‘Mob Justice’ is coming out on the 30th of June via Lacerated Enemy Record the single and title track ”Mob Justice” has already surfaced and is ready to show all its disgusting ways. Releasing its hatred and filth on the 30th of April is the title track as well as our first look at the bomb that is about to get planted. But stay tuned because more information will soon arrive!


Duncan Bentley – Vocals and Lyrics
Luke Haarhoff – Guitars
Chris Van Der Wal t-Bass
Thomas Hughes – Drums
Kris Xenopoulos – Guitars
Byron Dunwoody – Guitars

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