VENENO Release “Motörheadbanger” Honoring Lemmy Kilmister! [Song Stream]


Today would have marked the 73rd Birthday of Motorhead founder and metal legend Lemmy Kilmister. In his honor the Brazilian rock n rollers Veneno have released a song in tribute of the late great Lemmy. From the very get go they were inspired by Motorhead and their mission statement is something that all bands should take notice of. It states: “We have two choices: to raise up our horns to the young bands of our generation, or say goodbye to our legends, while letting go of their legacy! Which road are we going to take? We will RAISE UP OUR HORNS – of course!!! And spread it everywhere to inspire children and young people to do the same!”

The new track which released today on Lemmy’s birthday is titled “Motörheadbanger.” With lyrics like “I don’t care on what you think or what you do, Get out of my way you bastard, I live to win and not to lose, I’m a Motörhead! Motörheadbanger!” The artwork for the single also depicts Lemmy with his hand out stretched and the four members of Veneno in his palm. The song itself certainly carries some Motorhead influence with its accelerated pace and a touch of punk rock. It’s a tribute that I believe Lemmy would be proud of and on this day along with Veneno we celebrate the birthday of the late great Lemmy Kilmister.

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