Unsigned Band Review: Destroythm’s Self Titled EP


Have you ever wanted to hear the pure unfiltered sound of brutality? Well look no further. Destroythm brings it to your doorstep and crams it into your skull. The thundering drum beats and echoing guitar riffs are ecstasy to my ears. The new self-titled EP has 6 tracks for you to headbang to. The EP was released in July 2014 and how they have managed to go this long without being signed I will never know. I’m sure once their material starts to circulate they will have offers from various labels, as they have a sound that really has no competition to speak of. “A Nation Lost” has these never ending screams that just get you motivated to break shit. It creeps into this slow creeping mosh like chug of guitar riffs. When you least expect it to bass parts of the song have this really jazzy rhythmic twang that really brings a whole other element to the track. So many different elements are showcased throughout the album it’s hard to define each one. The one thing through and through about the EP is that it’s heavy as fuck. The song “Contagion Effect” really speeds things up. Singer Dave Tittle has this overwhelming authority to his vocal style. Even though at times the music takes the lead in the song he chimes in and immediately demands attention with his scratchy shrieking howl. At times it reminds you of someone, but you just can’t pinpoint it. They have their own sound, and they aren’t a carbon copy of any band currently on the market. They do what they want and if you don’t like it eat shit, and that’s the way the metal world should be. Every track on this EP really brings something different to the table. Elements of thrash, death metal, and grind core this band is bound to draw fans from multiple genres. They don’t fit any mold, they are simply Destroythm.


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