TRIVIUM, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, BAD OMENS In Johnson City, TN [Review & Photo Gallery]



Released on October 20th of 2017, “The Sin And The Sentence released by Florida’s Trivium has made waves across the Metal community from night one I’d release up until now and foreseeable beyond as they have embarked on a massive world tour for their 8th studio release and surely their best one yet. TSATS world tour made a stop in Johnson City, Tennessee at Capone’s to wreak havoc on the sold out, rowdy East Tennessee crowd, and we’ve got everything you need to know about this fun little packed out sow. This leg of the tour involves opening performances from Bad Omens and Fit For An Autopsy that got fans moving and ready for Trivium’s loaded setlist.

Fit For An Autopsy

Kicking off the night were the energetic Bad Omens, still rolling off of the momentum brought on by the release of their debut album in 2016, these metalcore kids are nothing to mess with. The way they present themselves on stage along with the way they can get a small crowd like this one to move around is incredible. The intensity they bring in their recordings is there live, perhaps more prevalent than just listening in your headphones. Being received by the crowd relatively well, they brought the same impact from first song to last and I believe if you weren’t a fan/you haven’t heard of them before you were when you left that show. If you haven’t gave these guys a chance, get on it! They even had a set at Heavy Montreal (July 29th)! Don’t sleep on these metalcore kids from L.A. I feel that big things are in the works for them and would love to see Johnson City host them for a show again someday.

Bad Omens

Moving into the second of the night was deathcore band Fit For An Autopsy from Jersey City, New Jersey. Let me start off by saying… wow. I know what you’re thinking.. “ew, deathcore,” but let me take a minute to change your mind! These guys are the real deal. Trivium guitarist Matt Heafy has said openly that they are one of Trivium’s favorite bands, quoting them as, “one of the heaviest bands in the world,” and I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Walking out on stage playing their song, “Black Mammoth,” off of their new record, ‘The Great Collapse,’ I immediately thought to myself.. how are these guys not talked about more? They may have only played 8 songs, but that’s all they needed to beat you down and get you moshing even if you didn’t know who they were going into the show. Their stage presence was surprisingly commanding, and you definitely felt the full force they were throwing at you. A lot of the songs in the live set included some off the new record, but they even threw it back to and played “The Jackal,” a song off their 2011 release, “The Process of Human Extermination.” The main thing to take away from their live show, if you don’t know who they are.. change that immediately. These guys put out one of the best records of 2017 and I know for certain they will be around for a long time to keep that same momentum and heaviness.


The headliner was no other than the almighty Trivium. You would think that being on a world tour since October that these guys would be tired on stage but that’s entirely NOT the case. Have you ever been to a Trivium concert? I feel sorry for you if not. These guys easily put on one of the best live shows you can experience in Metal. Small venue? No problem! These guys made every moment from opening riff to closing moments of the show incredible, and being in a somewhat intimate venue made it that much more special. Their stage presence is something that a lot of other bands in this genre just don’t have. Matt Heafy’s abilities as a frontman are almost unparalleled, acting almost like a general, commanding the crowds to move and dance during songs in a way that not many other frontmen can do. Alex Bent has been on tour with Trivium as their new drummer and you can tell it’s a match made in heaven for them. His groovy but technical style of play was the missing ingredient for Trivium in putting together this incredible album and his presence behind that massive drum set is not only heard, but felt. No matter if you’re new to them or a seasoned veteran of their music, their setlist seemingly had something for everyone, incorporating songs from releases like, “Shogun,” and, “Ascendency,” along with, “In Waves.” The closing moments of their concert are some of the most fun few minutes you’ll have, with all of the crowd getting on their knees and jumping to their feet at the opening roar of the fan favorite, “In Waves.” These guys are perhaps at the peaks of their careers and there are definitely no signs of them slowing down. Haven’t made it out to a show for ‘The Sin And The Sentence’? The guys are heading out on the road yet again this Fall with support from Light The Torch and Avatar! Tickets are available worldwide now. If you haven’t had the pleasure of going to a Trivium show, do yourself a favor and hit the road to a city near you this Fall!


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