TRIVIUM & 68′ Display Flawless Performances In Lexington, KY [Review & Photo Gallery]


In Early May I got to catch my very first Trivium Concert at Manchester Music Hall in Lexington KY. If you aren’t familiar with Manchester Music Hall, first let me say that its one of, if not the best small concert venues in Central, Kentucky. Prior to this concert, I did a little research on the band. I had heard of the band over the years and had checked out the radio-friendly cuts but I had never really dug into any of the album tracks. One thing I love about listening to tracks off a bands albums 24 hrs before going to see the band really makes me appreciate the hard work, blood sweat, and tears musicians put into making an album. Most bands track songs just for studio cuts while others track just how they would be on stage as if they were performing the songs live. Being a musician myself I can certainly say that in my many years of stage experience less means more. The more backing tracks and other electronic gear you bring to a live show other than whats necessary raises the chances for more shit to go wrong.


Last but not least in addition to this show was the opener band 68′ I had no clue who this band was but you know if I’m adding them to this, they were well worth the time. I can describe this bands performance to you in two words. HOLLY SHIT! I can remember saying this to myself as I watched this two-piece band, a drummer, and a guitar player rip through songs like two possessed lunatics! 68′ reminded me of Nirvana and the Ramones all rolled into one act. It’s amazing how much sound only two people can pump out on stage. Their new album ‘Two Parts Viper’ released in 2017 and it’s a must hear for any punk or hardcore fan. Especially considering vocalist Josh Scogin has also been the vocalist for bands like former vocalist of The Chariot and Norma Jean, he has a vast amount of experience being at the mic and it shows. I didn’t want to take my eyes off them, and if you see them live you won’t either.


The first thing I noticed about Trivium was that they could back up what they recorded! They have been tabbed as the band that would save metal, and their performance certainly proves why anyone and everyone would think that. Killer musicians and in my opinion was much, much better live than a recording. I’m old school, so live performances cant be cheated. One of the songs that blew me away was the title track ‘The Sin And The Sentence’ from their 2017 album. Man what a tough song to play live! A lot of bands will dial things back in the studio so they can perform the songs easier live, not Trivium. They killed it! Kick ass track and they performed it flawlessly. When it comes to this style of music I don’t see how these musicians can keep up with all the technical chords and arrangements. Me I would get lost anything out of 4/4 time. But again the men of Trivium played like a bunch of superhuman possessed rock monsters and put on one hell of a show. Both were killer bands I would definitely love to catch them and Trivium again.



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