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The Praxis exam is considered to be one of a series of American teacher certification tests that is written and used by the Educational Testing Service. Different Praxis tests are normally needed prior, during and after the teacher training courses in the United States. Prior to your teaching in the Government school settings, it is very important that you take a minimum of one state-compulsory exam before you could be recognized as a certified teacher. Some factors to put into consideration include your state residence, your field of specialization or preferred subject, as well as your qualifications among others. Meanwhile, it is very essential that you pass a series of tests in the course of your teacher certification, which means having access to teacher education resources is a must. The most common teaching exam that you must do as a prerequisite for the teaching profession is popularly called the Praxis teaching test. If you want to identify the actual exams you are seating for, here are the informative details of the most common Praxis exams.

Praxis Teaching Tests in the United States

It has been made compulsory that teachers must be well qualified in teaching the children in the United States as directed by the Teacher Certification Procedures across the United States. The government-owned school teachers must have finalized both teachers’ programs and teaching practice, having satisfied the requirements of the exam that as stipulated by the regulatory authority in their choice of state. Every state designs its unique teaching requirements for a test and carries out its yardstick for grading before obtaining teaching accredited.
With regard to the variations in the field of education in accordance to age grades by age group and the subject matter, the criteria of testing for the teachers of modern elementary in school could be a bit different from those teaching in high school science classes. Also, it could be different from those in specialist position including the intermediate school speech therapist.

In order to alleviate the navigation hardship via the numerous teaching exams that are available, the ETS (Educational Testing Service), which is a non-profit organization that controls many more national exams like as SAT and TOEFL, has set up this Praxis screening for the potential teachers. If you want to learn more about the kind of tests required by your state, you need to link up with the State Ministry of Education.

Praxis I Exam
This exam is also called the PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test). Praxis I exam is a fundamental reading evaluation of prospective candidates, mathematics, and writing skills. At times, it is needed prior your acceptance into a teacher training program. There are some states that must have successfully completed the test before earning your certification while some states do not. You can possibly seat for this Praxis exam either in computer based or in written form with just little difference in both formats. The computer oriented test can be taken in just two 2 hours per sitting or better still; as a combination test of four hours thirty minutes. However, the manually written tests can be taken in three different one hour tests separately or in one day.

The questions on reading, mathematics and writing are spread evenly in the Praxis I test. Both Mathematics and Reading parts are in multiple-choice format while that of writing section comprises of the questions in essay and multiple answers. All the sections involved in this examination have been timed. Your score in the Praxis I exam is just a count of the questions which you have correctly answered; hence, you will not be punished for guess work choosing any answer wrongly or not attempting it at all.

Practice Test Questions:

Praxis II Exams
This exam is available for the potential teachers. It is a multiple teaching exams whereby each of it tests your ability on a particular subject or skills on teaching of particular grade level. These Praxis exams are usually needed to complete the requirements needed to become certified as a teacher in a state. Praxis II comprises of three different exams namely:

– Praxis II (PLT) Principals of Learning and Teaching
It tests your knowledge and understanding on teaching for little children, children in the kindergarten category all through those on the grade six. It also tested your skills as a teacher on the children in the category of grade 5 to 9 or those of grade 7 to 12.

– Teaching Foundations Tests
This concentrates on your ability on educational activity in five principal subject aspects which include English, social studies, mathematics, language arts, and science.

– Subject Assessments
It measures your cognition and teaching abilities for a particular subject. This particular test is used frequently to grant teaching warrants related to the subject needed to engage a teacher that are well qualified in teaching particular discipline.

The Praxis II exams are provided on a written format only at particular testing locations. Every exam has been programmed for an hour, 120 minutes or 4 hours. It is possible to attempt more than one paper daily depending on the handiness and schedules of the paper session. The Praxis II exams mentioned above include constructed-response and multiple-choice types of questions. After 30 days of completing these exams, your score will be sent into your mail inbox. Also, extra copies together with phone SMS scoring will offered at reasonable fee.

Praxis III Exam
The authorized bodies use this exam in determining the readiness of the teachers for instinct certificate in a particular state. It is used for fresh teachers or those that are pedagogy under temporary or provisional teaching license. This will enable them to evaluate their teaching abilities and practice strategies in their skills. The exam is more flexible than any other Praxis exams, the reason is that well trained evaluators are used to conduct an interview with the teachers and supervise their teaching in real class in addition to the other responsibilities in their profession. The evaluators will evaluate 19 standards belonging into these classes:
– Professionalism
– Instruction
– Lesson plans
– Classroom environment

The quality and number of assessment are not the same depending on the regulations of the state and the time constraints. The educational program of your teacher will be a helpful tip for you to meet up with the state prerequisites. However, you can reach out to the Department of Education in of your State for anything bothering you about the exam. Some states still use their own assessments rather than these national tests. With all the above listed Praxis exams and the full explanation of who are to take it, definitely you will know where you need to start your preparation on how to become a qualified and certified teacher in the State.

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