Review: CARNAL DECAY – ‘When Push Comes To Shove’!

After hearing ‘You Owe You Pay’ back in 2017 I began to hop on the hype train and follow the tracks all the way from their demo in 2003 to their later released records ‘Grotesque First Action’, ‘Carnal Pleasures’, ‘Chopping Off The Head’ and their 2013 album ‘On Top Of The Food Chain’ and man oh man what has it been a brutal and insane ride so far. And it is just getting started it seems! Carnal Decay is back and about to release a full EP called ‘When Push Comes To Shove’ on the 20th of July through Rising Nemesis Records and it is mind blowing. So let’s not waste anymore time and get right into it!

First of all, embrace the album art. Isn’t is truly beautiful and nasty at the same time? Well one thing that is certain is that the second track ”Food For Thought” is just as bold as the art itself. It may be only about 3 minutes long but it contains enough death to reign a horde. And after just getting into the song you will already notice your head banging and/or your voice singing along as the song is about to destroy humanity as a whole. And to make it even better it features Igor Fil of Katalepsy!

3th and final song is ”We All Bleed Red” and it is truly all that the band stands for. The riffs are on fire and the haunting vocals are as good as they can be and when the riff breaks down you better grab something to hold onto because it is going to blow you away.

I am not afraid to say that Carnal Decay is back and has never been more on top of their game. They are about to release an EP that might be short but it is still my favorite EP from 2018 so far!

Carnal Decay vocalist Michael Kern comments on the release:

“Our goal was getting more groove, more brutality, and more catchiness into our songs than ever before. I can proudly say that we perfectly achieved that on When Push Comes To Shove!”

Pre-orders are expected to go up very soon so keep checking their facebook page for any updates!

Carnal Decay line-up:

Drums: Sebastian Mantel
Bass: Nasar Skripitskij
Guitar: Isabelle Iten
Vocals: Michael Kern

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