Robb Rivera (NONPOINT) On Technical Ability vs Great Songwriting, “Tell That to Nirvana”

Photo Credit: Brenda Daniels

Robb Rivera is Joshua Toomey’s guest on this week’s episode of Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast. All while having a near-death Uber ride experience and site-seeing in Venice Beach, California, Rivera chats up Toomey over the phone extensively about the upcoming Nonpoint album; as well as opening vs headlining, second generation fans, collecting vinyl, and much more.

Smashing an ongoing debate, Toomey and Rivera both lean toward the value of great songwriting over technical ability. Rivera comments “I think the less-is-more approach is like the best approach.” He continues, “Tell that to Nirvana. You know, they’ve pretty much shown that you don’t have to have technical ability to write incredible music.”

Loyal listeners of the Podcast should already be familiar with Rivera – not only as the longtime drummer of nu-metal veterans, Nonpoint – but also as a regular contributor to the show with his “Robb’s Pick From the Kit” segment where he gives us tips on which music and bands to check out every week.

Check out the entire episode below.


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