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*In this series we pose the age-old question to a wide array of music lovers. As fans of music, most of us keep a mental list of active bands we want to see live that we haven’t yet seen. The Bucketlist brings to you those lists of your favorite artists and why those bands mean so much to them*

It’s Friday and is the start of another weekend, and what better way to pump up the weekend jolly mood by knowing your favourite artist’s favourite live artists. Yeah, more like “art-ception”. Anyways, welcome back to our regular segment of The Bucketlist where we shoot the simple but yet so tough question of “five favourite bands yet to check mark off their bucketlist”. Now when you think of it, this rather sounds like another “tell me about yourself” kinda slam book segment. Today we throw this million dollar question to alternative rock band THE DARK who are based out of Berlin, but having been originated in Los Angeles, CA in 2015.

THE DARK‘s music will remind you of bands like ‘THE KILLERS’, ‘WHITE STRIPES’, ‘FOO FIGHTERS’, ‘SHE WANTS REVENGE’. Their rhythmic section it’s formed by a big, heavy drums sound coming from the stoner school with sensuous bass lines performed with a total unforgiving punk attitude. High gain guitar riffs will introduce you to a wall of fuzz creating a perfect pad for Brandon’s gritty, melodic vocals that will get immediately stuck in your head.

Vocalist, Brandon Ashley.

So, here are the following bands Brandon Ashley, vocalist, wants to check them off his bucketlist as soon as possible.

– METAL NEXUS: As a touring musician you get the opportunity to not only open and perform alongside other bands but you also get to see various bands on a nightly basis, which is something most all musicians dream of. As fans of music we keep a long running list of must see, Bucketlist bands and we are interested in what your list would include. What are 5 ACTIVE bands you’ve never seen live before and would love to see and WHY?

DEPECHE MODE: “I’ve always been a huge fan and somehow always missed their show. I’m particularly attached to the song “Stripped” as it’s one of my favorite songs to make love to. I remember this time when I went to the beach with this girl. It was at night and I was barely 20. Stripped came on the radio while we were doing it on the hood of my car. Depeche Mode’s music has the power to make everything magical, completely out of reality.

PIXIES: “I could die happy knowing I’ve seen Pixies live. Out of all the bands coming out during those years they are the ones I still can’t get tired of listening to. Their sound embraces pure 90’s grunge with sexy guitar riffs and alluring vocals. Definitely another band I like to listen to while getting it on.

PALAYE ROYALE: “One of the most interesting rock acts around today. They are not trying too hard, their product is very spontaneous, yet edgy and fun. I think it’s great that a rock band such as them have been given the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the state of the music industry. Also I like their look, very 70’s high fashion.

RADIOHEAD: “My favorite depressed band. Each time I’ve thought to let myself go and my life went down the toilet they were with me, alluring to my ears telling me nothing really matters in this world. Their depressed melodies gave me a reason to cry and let the pain out, at least for a moment, which is quite healing in a way. Therefore I can definitely say their music saved my life more than once. Thank you Radiohead!

METALLICA: “Never fucking seen them live. Would be fun! I mean we are talking about the biggest metal act in history. Like them or not they’ve been there all these years and still rule. They came up with a sound that everyone tried to emulate without even getting close. I guess they are the perfect band we love to hate on and I’m sure that everyone out there secretly loves their tunes.

On other note, THE DARK‘s debut album ‘Live. Create. Destroy’ is set to be released on May 3rd, 2018. The album contains eleven tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by singer Brandon Ashley / DTuned MPG at his penthouse studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg. Pre-save the new album on your Spotify HERE!

THE DARK released a cover for “Crucify” by Tori Amos this March 19th and you can stream the same down below. For more info, such as album order, tour dates etc click HERE!

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