The Bucketlist With RAZORWIRE HALO

*In this series we pose the age-old question to a wide array of music lovers. As fans of music, most of us keep a mental list of active bands we want to see live that we haven’t yet seen. The Bucketlist brings to you those lists of your favorite artists and why those bands mean so much to them*

RAZORWIRE HALO is an established; award winning electro-rock group based out of Kansas City, MO. RWH has proven time and time again that they can captivate their audience and bring a fresh sound year after year. This has allowed for RWH to perform live with many other national acts across the U.S., while gaining their respect. RAZORWIRE HALO has an unwavering commitment to bring the best music possible and most immersive live experience to its fans. Since inception, RWH has released multiple albums with a cohesive concept that has drawn in casual listeners and die hard fans alike.

Today, we throw our most famous question from The Bucketlist at them. Let’s see what bands feature on their bucketlist.

  • METAL NEXUS: As a touring band/musician you get the chance to see a lot of bands up close and personal. A luxury not everyone has. A lot of music lovers keep a “Bucketlist” of bands that we want to see perform live. What are the top active bands you would like to see live (in order) and why?
  •  Tak Kitara:
  1. NINE INCH NAILS(I’ve actually seen them 8 times): “My number one musical influence. I will never miss a chance to see this amazing show as it is always different and never disappoints.
  2. RAMMSTEIN: “I have seen live videos and would love to see this show in person. Their live set up and powerful sound looks incredible.
  3. STABBING WESTWARD: “This band has started up playing live again after a very long hiatus. I never got a chance to see them live when they were touring before. I actually have had the honor to share the stage with Chris Hall of Stabbing Westward a few times when he has been on tour with his other band, The Dreaming.
  4. GARBAGE: “I had a huge crush on Shirley Manson growing up. Everytime Garbage is playing anywhere near Kansas City, something always comes up. Fate is against me on this one.
  5. SMASHING PUMPKINS: “They are an amazing band that had influenced me when I was young and I just never got a chance to see them live.
  • Skylar Kitara:
  1. DAFT PUNK: “One of my favorite bands that I’ve never seen live. The music just has so much energy! Their live shows look absolutely amazing!
  2. Every NINE INCH NAILS tour yet to happen. It’s always a spectacular visual experience.
  3. I’ve never seen SMASHING PUMPKINS live, and that has to change now that I’ve got the chance!
  • Darrell Trussell:

          Bucket List of bands that I have not seen… Let’s see…

  1. THE KILLERS. “Brandon Flowers voice has to sound amazing in an amphitheater.
  2. TWENTY ONE PILOTS. “I can never seem to get my radio loud enough for them.
  3. PANIC AT THE DISCO. “For reasons 1 and 2.


Now, that you know RAZORWIRE HALO‘s bucketlist, it’s time to shift your focus to their all new single, “Sweat” from their recently released EP ‘Retaliate, which came out on March 27th, 2018. Here is what vocalist Tak Kitara has to say about it,

In the last couple years each one of us have had major hardships in our lives that have hit us deeply in various ways. Physically and emotionally we have been beat down and broken. The upcoming EP focuses on some of these experiences and the emotions involved. ‘Sweat’ is a sexually charged track that focuses on pure unrestrained passion between two people.

Click HERE to order Retaliate‘.

Also, RAZORWIRE HALO will be touring across the U.S. this Spring and Summer with their stand out enhanced live show that brings a large full scale production to the small stage. Don’t forget to check them out as they promise to deliver powerful performance. Here are the following dates,

RAZORWIRE HALO Enhanced Live Performances: 
03/30 @ Shooter’s – Fort Smith, AR 
03/31 @ Orileys – Dallas, TX 
05/11 @ @ Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall – St. Joseph, MO 
05/12 @ The Outland Bar – Springfield, MO 
05/26 @ The Rusty Needle – Hutchinson, KS 
06/01 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS 
06/03 @ The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX

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