The Bucketlist with SILENT THEORY

Alas, ladies and gentlemen, we’re back again with another Bucketlist!  For those who aren’t up to speed on things, the Bucketlist segment focuses on the artists that today’s hottest bands and artists themselves would like to see live in concert.  In this segment, everyone is fair game.  From our favorite stars to the bands that have just begun, everyone has their own bucketlist and the guys in Silent Theory are no different. 

Silent Theory was formed in 2010 by brothers Mitch, Scott, and George Swanger along with Robert James, and later added Dakota Jerns to the roster in 2014.  The band has perfected their craft of mixing orchestral melodies and backing with modern hard rock to create a fresh reawakening to the genre.  They released their debut album ‘Black Tie Affair’ in October of 2011 which propelled them into extensive touring in support of the album, gaining attention from fans from cities all over the country; even the good folks at Harmonix even added the band’s “Livin’ The Dream” to the song list for the game Rock Band which you can check out below:

Silent Theory have been accredited several honors with the most recent being New Year’s Eve on which they were ranked number one on Jacksonville, FL’s Rock 98.9 “Backyard 20” of 2017, and Z-98’s Best Metal Song of 2017 for their hit “Leave Alone”.  Metal Nexus recently spoke with the band’s singer Dakota Jerns for some insight on the artists who’ve made his bucketlist!

Dakota: “Linkin Park had been a bucket list band for me before Chester passed away. I had never seen them live, and unfortunately, now I can’t.  I would love to see Tool live! Total bucket list there. If they would just come out with a new album! Slipknot is also another I have to see, and if Mudvayne ever got back together that would also be a bucket list, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.”

The band has hinted at some good things that are currently in the works via their Facebook Bio section:

“Despite challenges along the way, the band says “playing together has always kept us motivated, we’re all up there because we love it.” The band has plenty on their plate in the upcoming months and they’re ready to see what the future holds.”

I think we can all agree we’re ready as well.  Make sure to keep up with Silent Theory by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the happenings.  I can tell from what I’ve heard these guys do so far, the future looks pretty bright for Silent Theory.

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